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£5 low deposit bingo sites are a great way of dipping a toe into the game. If you’re serious about your online bingo career then sooner or later you’ll want to become a funded player, i.e., you’ll want to make a deposit into your player account. Free bingo deals are great, but they’re really only designed to let you get familiar with the different rooms and games on a site before you get stuck in and start playing regularly – so if you want to join the elite of the bingo playing community and start playing grown up games, you’ll need to choose a suitable site and commit to making a deposit.

£5 Deposit Bingo Sites are a good place to start

However, that – of course – means parting with cash, which many of us are reluctant to do in the current economic climate. Ironically, though, it’s in periods of dark financial gloom like this that people really need to get away from it all once in a while, and more and more are discovering that online bingo provides a means of pure escapism that no other form of entertainment can match.


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If cash is tight then a £5 deposit bingo site may help

So what do you do for some quality entertainment when cash is tight but you’re tired of skipping around picking up free deals aimed purely at beginners? If you want to enjoy some proper bingo games as a funded player without breaking the bank, we’ve found a selection of top-notch sites that will let you make deposits from just £5 upwards, so you can become a genuine bingo player in return for making a really low outlay.

Once you’ve joined these sites you can go through the process of registering in full and making your first transfer; you’ll then be in the top tier of online bingo players, and you’ll find that your playing experience suddenly becomes even more rewarding: On many sites you’ll be given access to rooms that you wouldn’t gain entry to as a free player, and you’ll be allowed full, unfettered access to the chat facilities that enable you to enjoy the crazy banter with your fellow players.

£5 Deposit Bingo for newbies

This feature is an essential part of the online bingo experience and really brings the games to life; bingo chat is invariably presided over by a professional chat host who’ll make you feel at home straight away, as you get to know your fellow roomies and start swapping jokes and anecdotes.

Newbies low spend bingo

Joining a low minimum deposit site is a crucial next step for any aspiring bingo player wanting to make the leap from curious newbie to fully fledged expert, so check out our list and get your feet wet for less than the price of a couple of drinks.

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