Alderney Gambling Control

    Where is Alderney Gambling Control? 60 miles off the English coast, and eight miles away from France lies tiny Alderney – the third biggest of the Channel Islands. And it really is small – a mere three miles long and one and a half miles wide. And minuscule though it may be, it has its own government, legislature, and company laws. You may have never visited, but you will be familiar with the name - and that's because it's often displayed across the bottom of various UK bingo sites who are registered in this pint sized jurisdiction.

    Offshore hub?

    The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, or the European Union – they are self-governing dependencies of the Crown. Such autonomy, combined with modern insurance, banking and investment laws, alongside modern hosting facilities, and high-capacity Internet services to the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia make  the islands a hub for offshore finance centres, especially E-commerce and  e-gaming,

    Alderney Gambling Control Commission history

    The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (ATCC) was founded in May 2000. The commission is made up of three members, and a chairman. It's nonpolitical, and independent, and is able to regulate and supervise e-gambling to the highest international standards.

    The Commission governs its licensees by ensuring that they provide services in a trustworthy, secure and fair fashion. The AGGC expects all operators to maintain the highest levels of integrity and it does this by constant monitoring of licences through strict supervisory and regulatory practices. Any licence granted by the AGGC is recognised by the European Union and United Kingdom.

    Protection from rogue bingo sites

    This may all sound like technical small print to you, the player, but it's actually very important, especially when it comes to protecting you from rogue bingo operators, money-laundering, and criminal influences.

    If you play at a site that is licensed in a non-white listed jurisdiction, you run the risk of losing your cash, and any winnings you are owed. Unscrupulous operators will think nothing of stealing your financial details either, and this has happened in the past, and still happens today.

    That's why it's more important than ever to play at a whitelisted bingo site, and there are plenty to quality halls to choose from.

    Alderney flag

    Before the Commission grants a license, it first assesses the background of the companies and persons setting up a site. The commission also investigates the auditability, fairness, and security of the licensee, along with the feasibility of advertising and marketing campaigns.

    The Commission also oversees the complaints procedure, and will step in to moderate a dispute if necessary. Underage gambling, and gambling addiction are problematic for the gaming industry, and licensees must show that they are doing everything in their power  to protect vulnerable and underage gambling.

    So what happens if you play at a bingo site that goes bump?

    We've all seen plenty of sites disappear without a trace over the years. Any site licensed by the AGGC is required to keep a certain amount of cash separate to protect customer funds.

    This is called the Segregation Requirement, although it can be waived if a written guarantee has been provided and accepted by the Commission. Having said that, the Commission cannot guarantee that your funds are fully safeguarded in the event of an operator going bust or becoming insolvent.

    One of the most well-known operators licensed in Alderney is Virtue Fusion – this huge network provides the power to numerous popular sites such as Ladbrokes, Mecca, Gala, and William Hill. These are some of the heavyweights in the industry, and although the jurisdiction of Alderney may be small, in certainly packs a big punch in the e-gaming world. All this talk of the Channel Islands has got me in the mood for Bergerac. Wonder if there are any reruns on Sky Gold?

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