Bingo Comparison Sites: Why use them?

    Bingo comparison sites hey? Well unless you've been living on the moon, you will have certainly seen the Compare the Meerkat commercials. And nowadays, you wouldn't even remotely consider purchasing insurance without using a price comparison site like Compare the Market.

    Bingo comparison sites help you do your homework

    And it's precisely the same for bingo comparison sites – any time you sit down to play, you should do your homework first, and compare all the different, and wondrous options. But why bother? After all, your current site is good enough – the roomies and CMs are like old friends, you know your way around the software, and you're quite content with the jackpots, slots and chat games.

    Find the best bingo sites

    But by shopping around and using a price comparison site, you could stumble upon amazing new places to play, with even better roomies, software, chat moderators, and jackpots. There are hundreds upon hundreds of UK sites, with new ones opening every month. And the only way you're going to find out about them is through a price comparison site – after all, roomies are not allowed to discuss other sites in chat, so how on earth would you find out?

    Bingo Comparison Sites: Do your research

    Bingo comparison sites are the savvy way to shop around for the best deals, free games, and cool competitions. They are your portal to a whole new world of fun, and are free and easy to use. Each price comparison site follows roughly the same template although some may have more whistles and bells than others.

    Bingo comparison sites news

    This should be your first port of call on any of the bingo comparison sites, and should be checked religiously every day. The bulletin section is updated several times a day with fresh stories, headlining the biggest and flashiest competitions that can't be missed, along with details of the day's big bingo jackpots. These articles are written by gambling journalists, who scour every site and cherry pick the best stories. Ignore the news section at your detriment, because they could be your key to winning a huge game that you knew nothing about,

    Bingo Reviews

    Want to know what a site is like before you sign up and deposit? Want to know what critics and other players think? Then check the bingo reviews section and get clued up before you part with your cash. Reviews usually cover things like security, variety of games, software and payment methods.



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