Bingo Lingo

    Bingo Lingo mostly refers to the numbers that are drawn in a game of bingo. Although there is no one official bingo lingo list, there are certainly some common ones that are used all over bingo sites and bingo clubs based in the United Kingdom, and specifically with ninety ball bingo. They usually cause a few smiles, even if they have been heard a few hundred times! (Maybe that's just us then!)

    What are the bingo lingo number phrases?


    Bingo Lingo

    Kelly’s Eye means number one and is based on military slang for Ned Kelly.

    One little duck is the number two, as that is what it looks like.

    Number three can be either cup of tea, or you and me because it is rhyming slang.

    Whilst number four is knock at the door, again like most bingo lingo terms, because it is rhyming slang.

    Number 5 man alive

    Half a dozen or Tom Mix (6)

    Lucky for some (7)

    Garden gate (8)

    Doctor’s orders (9)

    and the prime minister (whatever his name is at that moment)’s den (10). For example at this moment, it would be David’s den, after David Cameron.

    Legs eleven (11)

    One dozen (12)

    Unlucky for some (13)

    Lawnmower (14)

    One and five (15)

    sweet 16 (16)

    Bingo lingo favourites

    Of course not every number uses bingo lingo as you’ve just seen with fifteen. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty for instance don’t have any specific bingo lingo attached to them. Other popular bingo lingo names include key of the door (21), two little ducks (22), dirty Gertie (30), buckle my shoe (32),all the threes (33), droopy drawers (44), Danny La Rue (52), all the fives (55), bang on the drum (71), was she worth it (76), two fat ladies (88) and lastly, top of the shop for number 90.

    You really don't need to learn all of these bingo lingo number terms, because the number will always be displayed when it is drawn. It just helps if you haven’t seen the number to know the lingo because it is longer and doesn’t really sound like anything else. Besides anything else, bingo lingo adds additional entertainment to the game and many of the terms are timeless. We like some of the newer ones too of course but love to hear the golden oldies which take us down memory lane. It's funny particularly, if you end the game with two fat ladies! Do you remember what number that is yet?

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