Newbie Rooms

    So many people are discovering the delights of UK bingo, and they all need somewhere to learn the ropes, hence the increasing popularity of Bingo Newbie Rooms.

    Newbie rooms serve several important functions, and whether you're a shiny new player or a veteran of the scene, a newbie room can be of tremendous benefit.

    Bingo newbie rooms...

    For beginners:

    We all have to start somewhere, and by starting in the Newbie Room, you'll learn much quicker than if you went straight through into a big game, where chat moderators and other roomies may not have the time to answer your questions. After all, they'll be concentrating on making that big win, just like you will be soon, with a bit of luck. In a newbie room, you can ask all the questions you want, and usually, experienced chat moderators are there to hold your hand throughout. Want to know how to buy tickets? Want to know how to make a deposit? What's the difference between a no deposit bonus, and deposit bonus? All these questions and more will be answered in detail. Plus, you will soon make friends with other bods, who are all in the same beginner's boat as you.

    For experienced players:

    Okay, so you've been playing for years, and you know everything there is to know about the game. However, by playing in the newbie room, you can test out a site before you deposit, get a  feel for the software, and have a snoop on the chat moderators. Hitting the newbie room is a no-risk way to test the water before parting with your cash.

    Bingo newbie rooms

    To win free funds

    Most newbie rooms have regular free games, some with quite decent jackpots. For instance, at Mecca, the free games have £25 bingo jackpots, which ain't half bad, considering some free jackpots at other sites are no more than £1.

    Which are the most popular bingo newbie rooms?

    So, let's take a look at some of the most popular newbie rooms, and where you can find them:

    Mecca Bingo

    You can play in this room for five days after you join, and all newbie bingo games are free. It's open between 12 PM and 2 PM, and 7 PM and 9 PM each day, with a £25 jackpot in each game. Chat moderators are on hand to look after you, and to answer your every query.

    Gala Bingo

    Enjoy five days of free games after you join. The free games here have a £30 jackpot. It's one line for £5, two lines for £10, and the full house is £15.

    The Newbie room is open between 12 PM and 2 PM, and 7 PM and 9 PM. Gala is one of the most popular sites in the UK, and as a result, they have some of the most highly-trained and experienced chat moderators. You could not get a better or more professional induction to the game.

    Wink Bingo

    This site promises a 'gentle introduction to the world of Wink', and you can find the newbie room under the Free and Easy tab. In here, the charming chat hosts will explain everything you need to know, plus they have some superb top tips up their sleeves. This cheeky and buzzing newbie room is open between 12 PM and 10 PM for seven days after you join.

    Sky Bingo

    This is one of my favourite bingo newbie rooms, because Sky really mix it up with buy one get one free bingo games, and Superbooks games too, where you upgrade your free tickets for a couple of pence. It's open for six hours per day for a week after you join, so make the most of this golden opportunity to win free cash, and to become a budding bingo expert.


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