Online Bingo Tips

    Bingo is a funny old game and you'll always find plenty of people trying to give you bingo tips. It is one of the most popular methods of gaming in the United Kingdom, and with bingo you never really know a lot about how your finances are going to work out unless you are really savvy.

    So bingo tips can really come in handy!

    Bingo Tips

    What are your chances?

    Bingo can cost as little as a penny a ticket (free in some cases), and the jackpots you can win vary from £1 to a million pounds, if you’re playing the big progressive jackpot bingo games. Bingo is very much like a lottery in every sense. So, you’ve often heard that your chances of winning the lottery are not far off pathetic, what are your chances of winning on the bingo? Thankfully, they are considerably greater, and luckily – unlike the lottery – there are one or two things you can do to make sure you give yourself the biggest advantage possible to win, when playing online bingo.

    Take advantage of the bingo bonus

    Probably the first and most obvious thing you must make sure you do, is to milk the welcome bonus situation; nay, to milk the bonus situation in total! It is no good signing up to an online bingo site that offers you a spiffy welcome bonus, and then absolutely nothing for the remainder of your days at the site. What about all those extra times you are going to deposit money into your account? Surely you’d want to maximise your potential balance as best as you can?

    There are a lot of bingo sites out there that will not only offer you a match deposit bonus on your very first deposit at the bingo site, which basically means they will double, treble or even multiply your deposit by greater totals with free money; but they will also offer you double, or half your deposit again on every subsequent deposit you make to their online bingo site. Many online bingo sites will also offer you exclusive promotions regarding competitions, tournaments, or one-off bingo games that contain jackpots far higher than any standard online bingo game. You must, must, absolutely must take full advantage of these offers. Bingo is cheap if you are only buying one ticket at a penny, if you want to play for the big jackpots (often at twenty or fifty pence a ticket), and you want to have plenty of tickets, you’ll need lots of dough. The best place to get it is through deposit bonuses from your bingo site. Promotions are the first step!

    Free bingo? Yes please!

    Secondly, you’re also going to want to make certain that you take advantage of any free bingo offers that come your way. Most online bingo sites are only too happy to chuck a bit of free bingo in your direction. If you are a newbie, play the free bingo games and try to build up your stack a little bit more. It might seem like a complete waste of time, playing a free bingo game that has a jackpot of only a pound, but remember, this is free bingo, it isn’t going to cost you a thing and for every pound you add to your balance, you’ll be able to buy plenty of more tickets for the big money games later on. Free bingo isn’t always offered all of the time, though it might be. Check out when free bingo is being played at your online bingo site. If it is only available for new players for a given number of days; grab, grab, grab whilst you can.

    Which bingo game?

    Now, for the bingo games themselves! It is simply no good stepping into any old game. Bingo is Bingo, and it is often played the same way, this much is true. But you need to count the costs of playing. How much is the game worth, how much is a line worth? How much is each ticket, how many prizes are up for grabs, and how much is it going to cost if you buy a dozen tickets or so. These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you decide to play a specific bingo game. Moreover, you should also make certain that you are familiar with the rules of your chosen bingo game. Is it seventy five balls, eighty balls, ninety balls, a progressive jackpot game? Can you keep playing until somebody wins, or is there a designated numbers of balls you must call “house” by? Knowledge is essential, and it is what will separate you from the other bingo players.

    New offers and promotions

    Ultimately, keeping a keen eye on your bingo site is another way to keep your eyes peeled for new offers, and to snap them up before others try too. There is no one way to gain a greater advantage and certainly no way to ensure success with online bingo; but there are numerous ways to make certain you’ve always got plenty of cash, and your always playing a bingo game that will set you up nicely. It’s about knowledge, vigilance and patience; with a little dash of excitement thrown in!

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