Blacklisted Bingo Sites

    Blacklisted bingo sites


    Rogers Bingo is blacklisted due to non payment as per terms and conditions in our affiliate contract. We had been informed in November 2012 that commissions that we are owed would in fact be paid in January 2013. We have not been paid so have decided to not list the site any longer. Prior to this every payment we did receive was received much later than due. We know of other bingo portals that have not been paid at all. We made the difficult decision to blacklist this site also to safeguard our visitors playing at a site that does not abide by its payment terms.


    Bingo Cheers is another blacklisted bingo site due to many unhappy players contacting us regarding their accounts being deactivated for no apparent reason. Many players not only lost their funds when the account was deactivated but also when they had made a deposit at the site their cards were debited twice, these amounts were not ever refunded as far as we know. We are also aware of big winners never being paid out. We would urge players not to visit this site and instead choose a reputable site.


    Bingo Playground is on our blacklist due to non-payment of commission as specified in our contract. The site was purchased by a new company/individual in 2010 and all affiliates of the site were not paid their commissions that were due. We were not informed that there would not be an affiliate program in existence after the purchase, and without us knowing that the site had been in fact sold the affiliate agreement was invalid. Players at Bingo Playground should be aware that it is in their interests also to avoid the site as they may operate in an unethical way with payments.


    It is unfortunately the accepted truth that for every honest product out there, there are just as many if not more fake products pretending to be the real deal to grab your money. Take cheap watches for instance, dodgy insurance companies and bogus lotteries for others. So why should online bingo sites be any different?

    On the whole bingo sites are safe and trustworthy

    There are certainly a very small number of “cowboy” bingo sites out there that you would do well to avoid. But fortunately, these are getting caught out and closed down so fast that you’ll probably seldom encounter one if ever.


    Online gaming watchdog sites are doing the industry a massive favour  by monitoring the gambling sites. They patiently listen to the qualms and complaints of gamers and investigate them. When a site is quite clearly dodgy, the watchdog or portal sites blacklist it, they let everyone know about it and report it to the proper authorities and as such, it can be closed down.

    But does an online bingo site have to be a fake on in order for it to be blacklisted or unsafe? Absolutely not.

    There are a number of reasons why an online bingo site could find itself on a blacklist, or deemed unsafe by online gambling watchdogs. If an online bingo site has not paid out a particular customer their winnings, they will need an exceptionally good reason for not doing so, which they will be required to give. If their excuse is unfair and their logic not acceptable, they will be blacklisted. Bingo sites do not wish to be blacklisted – no business does – because it will mean a massive proportion of their players will suddenly shy away from playing there, and a larger portion of prospective players will no longer consider joining the site. It also means online comparison sites or portals like Great British Bingo will sever ties and stop featuring them, therefore their advertising space is very limited.

    Other reasons that can cause an online bingo site to be blacklisted are not handing out a bonus that should be handed out. Declining a legitimate withdrawal, blocking a players account or dropping a promotion prior to its announced deadline without warning. In fact, the list of things that can get an online bingo site on a blacklist is just as endless as a list for anything else.

    Make a complaint

    As a gamer it is your right to complain to your online bingo site if you think they have wronged you. If nobody listens at the site, it is also in your rights to complain about the site to a gambling watchdog site. However, when you do this, you must make certain that you are in the right. If the online bingo site for example has decided not to pay you because you haven’t met the wagering requirement a particular bonus has stipulated in their terms and conditions, then you could be in the wrong, so it is always advised that you read the small print of all offers before deciding to accept them and parting with any cash.

    Now that is pretty basic stuff. But how do you know if your online bingo site is legitimate and is playing by the rulebook? The method to discovering such information is identical to the same way you might make a complaint to the watchdog site. There are a number of online gambling watchdog sites out there and these are easily Googled. When you have found a popular one, search the menu bars and you will find a list of blacklisted sites and possibly some of those that are on probation; meaning that they have done something wrong in the past, rectified it and are now on a good behaviour trial! This should help no end, but you might also not need to go to this trouble if you know what to look out for.

    There are certain things that are instantly associated with blacklisted or unsafe bingo sites. If for instance, the online bingo site has no certificate to assure fair play (via use of Random Number Generators) then it should generally be avoided. Similarly, if you cannot find a license that make the online gambling sites activities legal then it should also be avoided. Some online bingo sites may say they are licensed, but a quick check with the company offering the license will tell you if they are for real or not.

    Any online bingo site that charges you to withdraw your funds, and does not offer one single method which is free to withdraw should also be avoided. There should always be at least one free withdrawal option. All legitimate online bingo sites will refuse to accept American players, and any bingo site that is offering play to Americans (at this moment in time) is very likely illegal and you should steer well clear.

    Remember that if you’re in doubt, make sure you do your investigation work to make certain that your bingo site is legit and above board.

    At Great British Bingo we only list bingo sites that have the appropriate licenses to operate and will remove or blacklist any sites not adhering to their terms and conditions. If you feel a site is operating in an inappropriate manner or you have made a complaint and have not had a satisfactory response please let us know, we are able to contact the site that you have had a problem with and try to help.

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