Different Types Of Online Bingo

    If you're new to online bingo then you may be surprised at the variety of games offered. Most players have a preferred version of bingo but many are happy to mix things up a little or play shorter games for a quick fix. Our guide is by no means exhaustive but we've compiled a list of the UK's most popular types of online bingo.

    90-ball bingo

    This is the traditional game played in the UK and so you'll probably be familiar with the cards, even if you've never played bingo before. Each ticket has three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns with 15 numbers printed inside the squares. Some squares are left blank. Three prizes are awarded during the game. Firstly to the person who covers all numbers on one line soonest. Next to the players dabbing two lines first and finally the biggest prize is the Full House, which goes to the person who is first to cover all 15 numbers on their card.

    75-ball bingo

    This version of the game came from the US and has proved popular among British online bingo players. Cards have 25 numbers printed on a 5x5 square grid. A set pattern is decided on at the beginning of the game - this could be anything from a straight line to random squares forming a design - and the winner is the first person to cover all the squares in the pattern.

    Different Types Of Online Bingo

    80-ball bingo

    Often seen as a hybrid between 90- and 75-ball bingo, this game is fast paced and full of excitement. Cards have 16 numbers inside a 4x4 square grid and different sites have varying rules on what counts as a win. Some games only offer prizes for a line, others a line and full house. Yet others award prizes for four corners or vertical and diagonal lines. Check the rules before you play.

    30-ball bingo

    Played on a small grid of 3x3 squares, 30-ball bingo is also known as Speed Bingo. There's only one prize and that's given to the player who is first to cover all nine numbers on their card.

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