Free Bingo No Deposit

    So, with online bingo advertising screaming free bingo no deposit here, there and everywhere what is the deal? Is it really free or a really good marketing tactic?

    Actually it's a bit of both...

    What is Free Bingo No Deposit Required

    Well, as it says on the tin.....

    A free bingo no deposit required bonus is a type of bingo bonus that is offered to newbies joining a bingo site, that is providing that the site offers it of course. With this bonus, you will be given an amount of Bingo Bucks – generally between £5 and £20 – it can be higher, it can be lower but usually between these amounts is normal.

    Free Bingo No Deposit

    Bingo sites use free bingo no deposit as a way of encouraging players to sign up risk free, then while they are there they will try to tempt them to stay...

    What the heck are Bingo Bucks?

    Bingo Bucks are virtual bingo money, can also be called Bbs or Bbz when abbreviated. Basically, Bingo Bucks are funds credited to your bingo account after registration and email verification. You can play bingo and sometimes slots too with these funds depending on the site. They are pretty useful to have a look around a site without depositing. Can you withdraw them? Err...nope sorry! They are not cash redeemable and there are wagering requirements that apply to funds won with these bonus funds, check the terms and conditions at your bingo site.

    What can I do with my Free Bingo funds?

    In short, try before you buy! Check out the bingo site for free, try out the bingo games, slots and side games and see if this is the kind of place you want to be a loyal member of. As long as you have your free bingo funds you can play bingo or other games until you run out.

    What happens if I win? Can I withdraw?

    Each and every bingo site has different rules for this and you must check out the Q&A or terms and conditions page to check. There is usually a wagering requirement, lucky for us bingo players they are so much less than casino players have to endure. That said, you will always need to make a deposit of some description to be able to withdraw. That isn't always bad news so don't write it off completely, it could be that you will still come out with a gain in cash if you've had a big win while playing bingo with your free bingo funds. This will very much depend on which conditions the site you are playing at adheres to. We can see how all of this becomes complicated and confusing though for players!

    There seem to be less bingo sites offering Free Bingo, why?

    Unfortunately, the free bingo no deposit bonus is something of a dying breed with new sites it seems. Most brand new bingo sites are more in favour of giving away a bigger deposit bonus, ie a bonus when you have invested some of your cash!

    You can of course still find plenty of free bingo sites, plenty.

    So why is it slowing down now? A lot of operators are moving away from it as there have been lots of players that have been abusing the system. Some players have been signing up numerous times and creating hundreds of bingo accounts in order to get more free bingo funds. We were informed recently that a player had in fact signed up over 100 times in one day to one site with a new email address each time in order to get more free bingo! In that case the operator had systems in place so that they wouldn't be able to gain from this but it goes to show how far some people will go to abuse the system.

    Operators believe that giving players a good bonus on their first deposit is enough to entice them to the site, it will be interesting to see if everyone follows this method or even if some operators will revert back to free bingo eventually.

    So, should I play Free Bingo or not?

    Ultimately you have absolutely nothing to lose by claiming a no deposit bonus. It is offered to you freely, with no strings attached. You can spend it as you like on as many bingo games as you can afford with what is given. Oh certainly you may have to make a deposit to claim any winnings, but that is only fair; you are playing for free and you will never get something for nothing!

    No deposit bonuses are gradually disappearing; we have seen a few bingo sites that have withdrawn them recently in favour of giving players a deposit bonus instead.
    All we do stress is that you take note of the terms and conditions at the site you are playing at, there are a lot of unhappy bingo players that have not read them and are left feeling confused as to why they can not withdraw.

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