How are bingo sites reviewed, and can you trust the reviewers?

    How are bingo sites reviewed?

    A lot of people before they buy any product will like to know the ins and outs of it. Most of the time they do this by reading reviews of what other people, magazines or television has said about the product. When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play at, you will find that process really isn’t that much different.

    Pros and cons

    Most gamers who decide that they want to play online bingo will think long and hard and weigh up all the options before they decide where it is exactly that they want to play. In short, they read reviews. But how do these reviewers create the reviews? What do they look for in an bingo site, how do they know what is worth reporting to us? More importantly, what qualifies them to do so, so that we trust them?

    Trusted bingo players

    The reason you can trust our reviews is because they are written by people who know the industry inside out! They are written by people who play online bingo, and they have written many reviews and talked to many people about what is important. They know the companies that produce such sites and most importantly, they know the software. You must understand that a bingo site reviewer will have browsed hundreds of online bingo sites, and compared most of them off against one another. If you haven’t done that, you can usually trust their word over your own!

    How are bingo sites reviewed?


    The bingo software is one of the most important aspects of reviewing a site. Who makes the games and designs the website? This is critical because you have big companies, you have little companies, you have bad companies and you have great companies, and the designer of any site could fall into any category. The reviewer will know which one they fall into, and they will look at other sites that belong to the same company to see exactly what it is they offer at other sites, and what their competitors offer. They will in short, compare the software on offer from a company and rate it against other competitors for you.

    Bingo offers

    Cheap bingo games are one of the many attractions to an online bingo site. Again this is where the reviewers experience is key. A reviewer will know the prices of several major bingo sites that have a similar design or mould to the one they are reviewing. They will be able to tell you what the average price of a ticket should cost, and what other sites are offering theirs for.

    Safety and security

    Possibly the most important part of an online bingo review, is the safety and security part of it. This is the single most important part of the review that the reviewer must get correct. If it is off and he or she hasn’t done their research properly, that could mean some poor gamer ends up joining a dodgy site and being taken for a ride. Bingo reviews will contain accurate information about the technology that the bingo site uses, and how their random number generators work. The reviewer will also have gone to the trouble to find out who can play there, are Americans permitted for example, and what payment methods you can use. They will also attempt to fill you in on all the details regarding transactions, bingo customer support and service.

    Brand awareness and advertising

    Being aware of a bingo sites advertising campaigns, promotions and brand awareness is also a critical part of a good bingo reviewers job. This will show in their reviews of an online bingo site. A terrific bingo review won’t just praise the site, it will also criticise if there is need of it, and something to criticise. If you find a bingo review that is simply sensational in praise for a bingo site, then either the reviewer is lying, or the bingo site is truly magnificent. You won’t know which until you join. However if the review is fair with one or two criticisms, you know you can trust your reviewer.

    Review complex process

    There are many more aspects to how a bingo site is reviewed, and the process is so complex that it can hardly all be squeezed into this article. However, what absolutely must be reiterated is that bingo reviewers have read, played at or dealt with hundreds of bingo sites. They know what to look for, and that is what you will have on the page in front of you. There is certainly no reason not to trust a bingo review at Great British Bingo, especially when it will ultimately assist you in making your choice about where to play, what bonuses to go for, what games are currently offering massive jackpots, and who to trust and not to trust.

    Bingo sites are reviewed with care, truthfulness, knowledge, plenty of research and without bias. They are supposed to be helpful, not a hindrance.

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