How Do You Complain To a Bingo Site

    Everybody has a right to complain when they feel there is a problem, of course this still applies when you are a member of a bingo site and you have a problem that you need help with. So how do you complain to a bingo site and make sure you get the response you are looking for?

    Why complain to a bingo site?

    There are a number of reasons why you might seek to get in contact with the bingo site. Perhaps the site is down for some reason, perhaps there is an error with your banking details, a bonus hasn’t been credited to you, or there is a lengthy delay in your withdrawal process. The list can go on and go on and because of that, we won’t list all of the possible reasons why you may wish to get in touch with a bingo site here, save for a few. But what must be understood is that as a loyal online bingo player, you have just cause to contact the bingo customer services about anything at any time.

    How do you complain to a bingo site

    Check the F.A.Q's first

    However, before you do that; let’s just be a little bit more knowledgeable about things. Firstly, it is always important to check to see if your online bingo site has a Frequently Asked Questions guide, or an F.A.Q. for short. This brief online guide will list some of the most common questions that are asked by online bingo players at the site, and also details a small list of common complaints and queries. It is always advised that you scan through this document (or page) to see if your question or complaint has already been answered in this guide, before you go ahead on contact customer services.

    This isn’t to save them time, for they will be happy to help you in any way they can; it is to save you time. Nobody would like to have to go to the trouble of writing an e-mail or making a phone call to somebody, if they can just read up on the issue and solve the problem for themselves in a matter of a few seconds. That is of course if your online bingo site has an F.A.Q. page, because not all of them do!

    How do you contact the bingo site?

    If they don’t, how can you get in contact with the customer services team , either to voice a complaint or make a query known? That part is actually rather simple and shouldn't take up to much of your time. Contacting customer services at an online bingo site isn’t quite as tedious as calling support for a particular product you may own, and waiting for hours on end to speak to a desk jockey in some far off land. Online bingo customer services are much more user friendly.


    Firstly, you can choose to do things the simplest way possible, by sending an email. If you choose to email customer services at your bingo site, make sure that there aren’t different email addresses for different departments. Some bingo sites like you to email certain departments for certain questions, for example email X for banking related questions and email Y for game complaints. If that is the case, then make certain that you email the relevant department; if not just send them a brief email and they’ll get back to you with an answer shortly.

    Contact form

    Another option is the e-form. When offered by bingo sites, this option is very similar to an email. Instead of writing an email and explaining all, you can simply fill out a few forms (often with multiple choice problems for you to tick), and then enter your email address and await their reply. This is also a fairly fast procedure although each site works to different response times, these times should be made available for you to check.

    Live chat

    The most personal way of obtaining assistance, and the fastest way is to speak to somebody at their customer care centre directly. This can be done one of three ways. Some bingo sites offer a live chat function, most offer a telephone line number, and some even offered ring back features.

    The live chat function will enable you to talk to somebody at customer services via your computer in much the same manner as you would talk to a friend on Skype, for example. Here you can chat with a real to life person about the problems for free, or even text chat if you prefer in a box provided in the feature.


    Alternatively some sites offer telephone numbers for you to call, though keep in mind you may be put on hold for a short while if they are busy and you will be charged unless the number you are calling is a free phone telephone number. The ring back feature provided by some bingo sites enables you to simply put in a date and time when you would like them to call you back, free of charge.

    Snail mail zzzzz

    Of course, you can always opt for snail mail if you prefer, although this will takes days if not weeks or quite possibly years (and not all sites offer this service), and there is always fax (again if they offer it as fax is becoming a little outdated!).

    It is your right to complain

    Most importantly, you should remember that you have every right to ask questions and grumble about their service, so don’t hold back. Ask your bingo site if there’s a problem, and give them what for if you’re not happy with something!

    If you still feel unhappy you could contact a bingo portal, like us at Great British Bingo, and we can do our best to contact the operator of the bingo site for you. We’re nice like that! You could even ask for help on our forum, we have loads of knowledgeable bingo players and experts on hand so feel free to ask any time.

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