How To Play 30 Ball Bingo

    Ever wondered how to play 30 ball bingo? It's a super fast way of playing and due to the number of balls used will finish a lot more quickly than 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo. If you thought Lewis Hamilton was quick, wait until you play a game of 30 ball speed bingo. It's incredibly fast and incredibly fun, but it's not for the fainthearted.

    How to play 30 ball bingo

    The game is played with 30 balls numbered between 1 and 30.  Because of the smaller amount of balls, it runs much quicker than its more arduous counterparts, those being 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball.

    The cards are much smaller than other cards too – they have three horizontal rows, and three columns, which means you've only got to mark off nine numbers in total. The first column contains numbers 1 to 10, the second column features numbers between 11 and 20, and the final column contains numbers 21 to 30.

    Principles of the game stay the same

    It's played in the same way as other games – you buy your tickets, personalise the software how you like it, i.e. choose your dabber shape, and sit back and wait to win.

    A Random Number Generator (RNG) decides the numbers, and the automated voice of the caller will announce each ball in turn. It may be called speed bingo, but this doesn't mean that the balls are called particularly quickly – indeed, they are called at the same pace as other games, but because there are only nine numbers to mark off, it means games are over much quickly, hence the name speed bingo.

    30 ball bingo balls

    Some sites allow you to mark off the numbers yourself, which can be a real challenge, unless you've got octopus arms, and the concentration of Einstein on Ritalin. Thankfully, if you miss a few numbers or get behind, the clever software will fill in the blanks for you, and you'll be alerted of a win, even if you didn't keep up.

    Full house win only

    In this game, you don't have to cover one line, two lines, any diagonal lines, or patterns, as you do in 75 ball: the winner is the person to mark off all nine numbers, a.k.a. the full house.

    A word of advice – not all sites offer 30 ball, which is why you need to do your homework before you deposit. You can usually find out what halls a site has by clicking the 'GAMES' tab on the homepage.

    And of course, it helps to take advantage of a free bingo no deposit bonus – why not have a few games of 30 ball using free cash to decide whether you like it?

    It's an acquired taste, because some players find it boring – the lack of variation and patterns can make it monotonous whereas some roomies love it, because it's so stimulating, and rapidfire.

    Ticket prices and best places to play?

    One of my favourite places that offers 30 ball is Bob's Bingo, although he does offer 90 ball, 75 ball, and 80 ball as well. His 30 ball room is called the City Hall, and it's available to funded players only. Tickets cost 1p, and prebuy is available. The top jackpot in this room is £30, with the game prize at time of press, £2.32.

    Ticket prices vary across bingo sites, and so do jackpots, but it must be said, that speed jackpot are usually much smaller than other more lucrative games.

    How fast do you think you can dab those numbers off? Try a game of 30 ball today with your newfound knowledge – it may just be the start of a quickfire love affair.



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