How To Play 80 Ball Bingo

    How exactly do you play 80 ball bingo? Another bingo game that isn't so popular here in the UK, but if you're thinking of a change or have noticed 80 ball bingo at your favourite site then you may want to try it out.

    Play 80 ball bingo in the UK?

    If you are playing bingo in the UK, mainland Europe or Australia, you probably aren’t playing 80 ball bingo very often. This is because you live in a region where 90 ball bingo rules the waves and is far more popular. However, 80 ball bingo is beginning to appear at all the top bingo sites across the internet, so in the very near future you could very well find yourself playing this very different version of the game.

    What is 80 Ball Bingo?

    80 ball bingo is more universally known as the mixed bingo game, for it takes aspects from both the popular British ninety ball bingo game, and the American 75 ball bingo game. The hybridisation of the rules for this game, alter between bingo game to bingo game and it can be quite confusing, but with a simple guide (such as this), you’ll master the bingo game in no time. After all, if you ever wish to try your hand at 80 ball bingo, you’ll need to know how to play this mixed bingo game, and that is what we’ll tell you now!

    So, how do you play 80 ball bingo?

    The bingo cards in 80 ball bingo are set up as four by four grids. Each single box on the grid contains one number inside it, between one and eighty of course. The game is then played as all bingo games are, by the drawing of numbers from a pot, and it is your job to match them off as best as you can.
    However, the rules for each 80 ball bingo game can vary. Because the rules are a hybrid of both ninety and 75 ball bingo, it cannot be stressed enough how much you need to make certain that you know which form of eighty ball bingo you are playing.

    How do you win?

    Possible ways to win in 80 ball bingo include the coverall or blackout win method like in American seventy five ball bingo. In this type of bingo game, all sixteen of the numbers on your bingo card must be crossed off. The first player to cross off all of their numbers wins the game of bingo, and therefore the prize. Another way to win in 80 ball bingo is the corners game. Here the first player to cross off all four numbers that sit in the corner boxes of his or her bingo card will be declared the winner of the bingo game. These two variants are based on the American 80 ball bingo game.

    How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

    Similar to 90 ball bingo?

    The British version of 80 ball bingo follows a similar rules format to that of ninety ball bingo. Players can be awarded a win if they complete one line in the bingo game, which is a line of four numbers. However, they adapt the American ruling for a line in eighty ball bingo, which means that the line can go horizontally, vertically or even diagonally (the last two are not normally permitting in British bingo). Another prize is also awarded to the player or players who manage to complete two lines, in a similar fashion to the first. Finally the top prize is awarded to the player who completes a full house; that is marks off all the numbers on his or her bingo card.

    Different 80 ball bingo games

    It is also possible when you play 80 ball bingo game variations for players to win by completing a pattern, again like in 75 ball bingo. In order to do this, a player must mark off numbers so that they form a pattern or picture on their bingo cards, such as the world famous Christmas tree pattern. These games are rare in 80 ball bingo but certainly do exist.
    80 ball bingo is nowhere near as common as its two main rivals, 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. However in recent years it has commonly been found more and more amongst the main bingo sites in the online gaming world. However it remains largely less successful than its rivals, and certainly more so than ninety ball bingo due to the uncertainty regarding the rules, which can also happen with seventy five ball bingo if you don’t know what game you are playing. 90 ball bingo always has the same rules, as so it remains far more popular than this variant.

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