How to Play Chat Games

    What are bingo chat games?

    Every bingo site has a chat room, and in here, you can make friends with other roomies, gossip, and catch up on the latest news… but you can also use them to your advantage by winning extra bonuses in bingo chat games.

    Bingo Chat Games


    Chat games are hosted by Chat Hosts, who oversee the room, and make sure everybody is happy.

    Chat games make for a great atmosphere too – rooms become incredibly lively and exciting when roomies have to use their speed, skill, and wits to win bonuses.

    Every site has different games with different prizes, and although they are usually easy to get to grips with, some games can be more difficult than others.


    Easy chat games

    These are best to play if you want to boost your winnings quickly, although there are several things to consider if you want that easy cash.

    - Play in a quieter room to give you a better chance of winning. When there are fewer players, you have a better chance of winning the prize.

    - Buddy and Neighbour games are easiest of all – all you need to do is be above or below a winning roomie in the chat room.

    -Trivia quizzes are kept simple, thanks to easy questions that everybody can answer. No University Challenge here, thanks very much.


    Hard chat games

    These can be some of the most exciting, with the biggest prizes, although they do tend to tax the grey matter more.

    - Some games require that you type a long answer – this can be infuriating if your typing speed isn't up to much. Also, if your Internet connection is slow, you may struggle to have fastest finger first.

    -Games where you choose numbers and balls can have complicated rules, and a lower chance of winning.

    -Correct spelling of an answer is important – mistakes are easy to make when you're typing as quickly as you can.


    Chat game bonus rules

    Be sure to read the small print when it comes to chat game winnings. Your prize is usually paid in bonus funds, so you probably won't be able to withdraw it. However, you can use your chat bonuses to purchase free bingo tickets. And usually, only depositing players are eligible to chat bonuses.


    Get stuck in

    So come on, dive into a chat game today. Bingo chat games heighten the enjoyment of an already exciting game, and you never know, you could end up buying a winning ticket, thanks to a chat game bonus.

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