Online Lottery Guide

    If you love playing bingo online then chances are you'll be interested to know that you can take part in Lottery draws across the UK, rest of the world and enjoy instant games draws over the internet too.

    Types of lotteries

    There are several lottery sites which runs different kinds of lotteries, draws and prizes. The ones you’ll be the most familiar with in the UK is the National Lottery, Health Lottery or Post Code lottery, but there’s also others such as Congolotto, Lottoland, Bingo Lottery, Ice Lottery etc.

    The more popular National Lottery or Health Lotter tickets can be physically purchased in many high street shops, newsagents, petrol stations and can also be bought online, where as most of the others are purely online, so you’ll have no paper ticket to keep safe.


    Depending on which lottery site you’re playing on, you can usually buy tickets weeks in advance, which is handy if you’re prone to forgetting or unable to regularly get to your laptop or mobile device to purchase tickets. Often you can play by setting up a direct debit so you never have to worry about your numbers coming up the week you forgot to put them on.

    The costs of tickets will vary too, depending on which lottery you’re playing. The National Lottery has tickets from £1 but the main lotto draws will cost you £2 per ticket and it also includes entry into the millionaire raffle.


    As with most lotteries, the prize pot available varies depending on how many tickets have been purchased and how many winners are generated. The National Lottery jackpot always stands at over £1million (with a millionaire raffle included in each ticket) and often reaches great heights as the amount is rolled over if nobody wins in the previous draw. Euromillions jackpots start at around the £10 million mark and some lotteries you can enter have jackpots of hundreds of millions. Smaller jackpots tend to have lower ticket prices and greater odds of winning.

    Instant Games

    On most lottery sites, you’ll have the option of purchasing instant win games or scratchcards with prizes from £1 up to millions of pounds. There’s usually a huge selection of instant win games, so no shortage of choice if you’re feeling lucky and don’t want to wait for a lottery draw.

    Payment Methods

    Lottery sites will try and give you as many options as possible to purchase tickets. As well as the usual debit/credit card option, you may also be able to set up a direct debit, pay via paypal or even use the new Boku Payment method which just requires your phone number to make a purchase.

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