Live Bingo Sites

    Anyone watching the online gaming industry in recent years will be able to tell you the importance of live bingo games: If there’s one aspect of the old-fashioned land gaming experience that online operators are acutely concerned about it’s the experience of having a real life dealer to interact with.

    Live bingo caller interaction

    Whilst playing at a casino online has numerous advantages, nothing’s quite the same as having real-life croupier running the show, and in bingo the value added by a real live caller is even more immeasurable – a fact attested to by the increasingly large audiences found at land bingo venues through the UK, despite the exponential growth of online bingo at the same time.

    Live bingo sites

    Casinos are getting round the issue by offering more and more live games via studio mock-ups in Eastern Europe and The Philippines, or joining forces with cable TV channels to bring players shows like Jackpot 247 and Supercasino – and the bingo industry has followed suit with live presenter games from sites such as Crown Bingo, using the Best Bingo Network. They, in fact, were the first site to go live in March 2010 and they’ve been delighting players with their presented games for over three years now: They offer 90 ball games from 6pm until midnight every day of the week, using six fully-trained and highly personable presenters, who serve up bingo galore along with special promotions and feature games.

    Is live bingo popular?

    The success of Crown Bingo soon became widely-publicised and others began to follow suit: Chit Chat Bingo, most notably, started offering live games on the popular St Minver network: They offer live games every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 8:30pm until 11:30pm. Another notable entrant into this market is Wink Bingo: This rather saucy operator has held a few live evenings on their site, though they haven’t opted to go with regular live bingo sessions yet; however, that hasn’t stopped them offering live video links for players who wants to chat with their trademark set of male models that feature so prominently in their TV ad campaign, so they’re clearly keen to promote some sort of interactivity no matter how ribald. Bingocams is a fairly new live bingo site having launched within the last couple of years, it's unique too in that a game winner will be shown winning live on their webcam! They also have celebrity chat hosts for some of their live events which keeps us entertained and offers a little something different.

    Will the bigger sites feature live bingo callers in the future?

    Surprisingly none of the larger sites offer live presenters yet: Maybe the additional cost is proving prohibitive to them, or they think that the market won’t ever move towards live presenters and that the chat hosts found on most bingo sites at present will be good enough for the foreseeable future – but given the vast difference between the quality of conversation you get from a typical chat host and a professional caller with genuine charisma it seems crazy not to think that more live, hosted online bingo won’t be served up in the near future…

    Live Bingo Sites


    ChitChat Bingo

    ChitChat Bingo

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