Mobile bingo games: How do they work?

    Mobile bingo games are a fairly new concept, have you ever wondered how it all works?

    Imagine it – you're sat on the bus on your usual boring Monday commute. But something's different today – instead of gazing out the window at traffic, you've got your head down focusing on something far more exciting than Facebook.

    You're playing mobile bingo, and you're intently following your favourite 90 ball bingo games. And today seems to be your lucky day – because today, your mobile bingo cards are serving you well. You type 2 TG in to chat, fully aware that no other player has as many numbers covered as you.

    Then you have one number left – the bus goes over a bump, causing you to almost drop your phone. And then it happens – you've marked off all the numbers on your mobile bingo games, and to cap it all, you have won a progressive jackpot as well – thousands of pounds are yours. You leap up screaming, and tell everybody that you're a mobile bingo winner – what an amazing start to the week.

    Woman playing mobile bingo games

    Mobile bingo games are becoming popular

    If you want to play mobile bingo, then all you need is a compatible handset such as an Android or iPhone, or tablet computer such as an iPad. Most sites nowadays offer a large selection of mobile bingo games, so you should be able to find a site to suit your needs perfectly.

    Mobile bingo is the next big thing, and no wonder – players love it because it gives them the freedom of the world – you can play mobile bingo where ever, and whenever you want. And of course, it's not just on the bus you can play – you can enjoy mobile bingo in the comfort of your own home – it just means you're not tied down to your laptop like you used to be when you play traditional bingo games.

    Keeping up with technology

    Bingo games have always kept up with technology – and it started with the online revolution in the early 2000s. Players loved online bingo games because it saved them from going out to the local hall – now they could play their favourite bingo games in the front room – the ultimate in convenience. And now bingo games have gone mobile, so we are free to play where ever we want. Liberation! What's the most unusual place you've ever played mobile bingo games?

    Play with care

    As exciting as mobile bingo games are, they can also be addictive. Make sure you play bingo games sensibly and responsibly, and if you think you're developing a mobile bingo problem, contact the charity Gamcare. It's easy to play mobile bingo in secret, and also be careful that you don't rack up huge phone bill – Wi-Fi is your friend.

    Lady using a mobile phone

    Where can I play mobile bingo?

    There are literally dozens of mobile bingo sites to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites. So grab your handset, and prepare to sign up and discover why everybody loves mobile bingo.

    Little Miss Bingo

    Little Miss Bingo gives you a sensational £40 free bonus – £20 to play her traditional bingo games, and £20 to play her mobile bingo games. Her mobile bingo site has a suite of 39 top games including slots, casino, plus of course, your favourite 90 ball and 75 halls.

    Biscuit Bingo

    You will be saying 'crumbs' if you don't join up to this site and claim your £15 mobile bingo bonus. And, once you've signed up to play tiptop bingo games, you can join the community, play team games, slot games, chat games, and casino games. The bingo games here last about three minutes each, and there are always lots of bargain ticket deals, such as buy five, get two free. There's no doubt about it, the bingo games at Biscuit Bingo are cracking value. Pour yourself a cup of tea, and get stuck into some of the best bingo games around. Just remember to dunk your biscuit instead of your phone.




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