Network Vs Standalone

    Once you’ve tried a few different sites you’ll quickly come across the concept of bingo networks, and it’s worth having a basic understanding of how they work as the potential prizes and likelihood of winning at networked sites are vastly different to what standalone bingo sites can offer.

    Network Vs Standalone Bingo Sites

    Network Vs Standalone Bingo Sites

    What are standalone bingo sites?

    When you play at a standalone bingo site, the players you’re competing against to score lines or get a full house are the other players who have logged into exactly the same website and entered the same room. In other words, your fellow roomies are the only players you’re up against and that means the jackpot on offer will be determined those players only.

    And a network bingo site?

    Networked sites, however, don’t work the same way: Bingo networks consist of lots of sites each with their own lobby designs, landing page designs and overall theming; however, they all use the same underlying software, customer service facilities and, player protection reassurance and other essentials which are provided by the software company that licences the network. The best example is the huge Dragonfish network, which links together sites like Bingo Me Happy, Bingolicious, Celeb Bingo and many more, though there are lots of other networks like The Best Bingo Network, The St Minver Network and The Fun Bingo Network to name but a few.

    White label bingo sites

    All sites that are members of a network are known as white label bingo sites, where the underlying software is commonly used, but badged up and named according to the operator’s own wishes, and if you play on one of these sites the money you pay for your tickets is pooled with anyone who’s entered the same room as you, no matter which site they’ve accessed the room through.  All member sites of any given network offer the same set of rooms, and although you’ll only be able to chat to other roomies that have entered via the site that you use, from a bingo perspective you’re all one big happy family, and that means lots of tickets will be available, and the software algorithm that’s used to calculate the jackpot will post up much larger jackpots than you’d get at a standalone site.

    Who offers the biggest jackpots?

    Networks therefore offer the chance of a larger jackpot, but with a much larger number of players chasing it, so although you’ll win more if you do get a line or full house, you’ll need to beat a lot more players to get your hands on it. Nonetheless, these types of high odds games with large prizes appeal to many players, which does make sense: We all have different attitudes to risk and reward, and lots of players find that it’s much more exciting and rewarding to have to work hard to secure a win and really have something to celebrate when they do. As a rough yardstick, you can expect there to be three times as many players in a networked room, with prizes correspondingly three times as large.

    Given the cash at their disposal, it’s unsurprising that a bingo network can offer more impressive promotions as well: They tend to be the sites that can offer huge prizes in the thousands, give away cars and other impressive goodies - though again you’re competing with the large number of players to get your hands on them.

    In an era where the consumer is king and we all expect the right to choose from hundreds of different bingo sites, it’s only right that there are both types of site to choose from, so decide whether it’s big prizes with less chance of winning or smaller prizes on a regular basis that you prefer, and pick a networked and standalone bingo site in accordance with your personal preference.

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