New Cassava Bingo Sites

    New Cassava bingo sites are far from a rare occurrence. Cassava Enterprises provides secure online transactions to numerous bingo sites. The company is owned by 888 Holdings, and is licensed and regulated in Gibraltar (Coincidently, a cassava is also a brown root vegetable that looks a bit rude). Cassava Enterprises operates some exceedingly well-known and well-established sites such as Posh, Wink, and 888 Ladies, and dozens of sites on the infamous DragonFish network.

    How many new Cassava bingo sites are there?

    New Cassava bingo sites are popping up all the time, almost more than we can stomach, especially because most are carbon copies of one another, with nothing but a homepage revamp.

    Anyway, we've investigated and reviewed them all, and it must be said, some are more generous than others, especially when it comes to deposit bonuses.

    New Cassava bingo sites

    Nova Bingo

    A standard Dragonfish bingo site, with a dreadful homepage and tacky graphics throughout. Nova means bright star, but I think the design team accidentally left the lens cap on the telescope. However, this site does offer a 250% welcome bonus, which is over and above the offerings at other sites on the same network. Play 75 ball, 90 ball, and Swedish high-five, along with multi-million pound slots. The highlight of the schedule is a £1 million game which plays three times a week.

    Bingo Tag

    Yet another bog standard site, offering the usual smorgasbord of casino, slots, chat games, and competitions. This site has a 200% welcome bonus, and for lovers of free bingo, £6000 in free games every month. Most payment methods are accepted including Visa, Visa Electron, and PayPal. A new game has been introduced called 3xcite – there are two ways to win in every game – only the full house and 2 TG winners share the jackpot. Contain your excitement – the jackpot is a mind-boggling £30 in each game.

    Mile High Bingo

    Mile High has a glamorous aeroplane theme and 150% welcome bonus. Join the handsome captain and his crew for happy hour every Monday, the Grab a Grand game on the first day of every month, and a Zodiac game with 10 free cards. If you've ever wanted to become a member of the Mile High Club, there's no need to seduce the pilot in the toilet, for it is the name of the VIP incentive.

    Smooch Bingo

    At last, a DragonFish/Cassava site doing something a bit different – check out Smooch Bingo. This is a flirty, and occasionally dirty room which is open between 5 PM and 11 PM every night. Win real money, and dating-related prizes. Is love on the cards? Find the partner of your dreams here, and then go on to play the VIP Caribbean Getaway game – this is the highlight of the Smooch schedule and comes complete with £1000 spending cash.

    Fairys Bingo

    Warning – you will only enjoy playing here if you like sickly-cute fairies dressed into tutus. The little fairy waves her wand and gives new players a 150% welcome bonus, then it's time to flutter over to the Mystic £555 game. 90 crystal balls determine your fate in this game which plays every 11 days at Fairys Bingo in the Mystic £555 room. The full house is £300, two lines is £200, and one line is £55.

    Cocktail Bingo

    Out of all the new Cassava bingo sites, this one has possibly the worst homepage. When I think of cocktail bars, I think a sleek, decadent and sophisticated experience, but Cocktail Bingo looks like it's been dredged up from the 80s, and the bingo ball-fruit hybrids make me feel a bit sick. Still, you'll find an interesting blend of slots, casino games and multi-million pound progressive jackpots here – especially popular is Fluffy Favourites slot game. Line up the cute and cuddly animals on this slot, and you could become a millionaire, able to afford the finest cocktails fed constantly to you on an an IV drip. Hiccup.


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