Online vs Land-based Bingo

    Online bingo boom

    Over the last few years, online bingo has really taken off, actually that is a huge understatement. The industry is now so large that new bingo sites are seemingly added at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, the actual bingo clubs based in many town centres are closing down, but the online bingo sites aren’t to shoulder all of the blame for that.

    Online Bingo Boom

    Land bingo decline

    Land-based clubs have actually been in decline ever since the late 1980’s. In most major cities there are still one or two bingo clubs in existence however. You can still walk in, buy a ticket and play bingo; and there are many more holiday pubs that offer similar bingo games. The question is, with the huge popularity of online bingo at an all time high, is it worth it for the clubs? Are they still profitable? Is online bingo really better than land-based bingo or is there a market for both?

    The answer would have to be a yes and a no. There are many more reasons why playing bingo online is more better than playing in a land-based bingo club, but it seems there are still players wanting to get out of the house and attend, albeit a much smaller number than a few years ago. In some places it seems there is money to be made from a land-based bingo club but this is largely dictated to by the location and the company running the club.

    Online is more convenient

    One of the perks of playing online is the bonus situation. Very few real, brick and mortar, land-based bingo clubs offer you bonuses. Yet, in an online bingo site, you are positively inundated with offers due to the vast number of bingo websites in competition. As soon as you sign up at most bingo sites, you will be offered a welcome bonus. What this basically implies, is that when you deposit a tenner to buy bingo tickets with, you will be given twice, sometimes thrice that amount of money again in free bingo bonus cash. This cash can be used to purchase even more tickets, and therefore enhance your chances of winning. No such opportunity is afforded to you in the land-based bingo world in most cases. Furthermore it isn’t just welcome bonuses that bingo sites offer. Many online bingo sites will continually equal or offer more than your deposit in free cash every single time you make a deposit, and there are a number of special bingo games that also have promotions attached to them. Players can be rewarded for purchasing tickets with bingo coins or points that can accumulated, and redeemed into money to buy yet more tickets with. The possibilities as far as bonuses go in the online bingo world is endless, yet in the real land-based bingo world, they are few and far between, if you are lucky enough to ever come across one at all.

    Another perk to playing online bingo instead of land-based bingo is the side games situation. Whilst a few bingo clubs might offer the odd slot machine or video poker machine, that is about all you are going to get from them, in the way of alternative gambling entertainment. However, in an bingo site, you are generally offered a wide range of different side games, many of them based on casino games. Roulette, blackjack, slots and video poker are often available for you to play at most bingo sites, as well as scratch cards too. Again, the difference between the two ways of playing bingo is quite evident. You will however find some of the larger land-based clubs do offer slot and games machines but again, you will probably not receive any type of welcome bonus with these.

    Online bingo safety?

    But what about safety and security? You have probably often heard about bingo sites not being safe. This is actually very uncommon as bingo sites are all regulated and they would simply not be given the required license if they didn’t follow safety and security requirements. If you pay via an e-wallet there is no possible way somebody can get your credit card details, and all bingo sites come with tip top online security to make sure that all of your transactions are dealt with in the most secure manner. It is in essence, no more dangerous than purchasing goods from an online retail giant like Amazon, which most of you probably already do. A lot of people pay for their goods with PayPal, and this option is also available to you in a lot of online bingo sites. The risks of your identity and credit cards details are virtually non-existent, and are certainly many times lower than the risk you take walking home, when everybody in the bingo club knows you have just won a thousand cash.

    Play online 24/7

    Finally you have the comfort factor. If you are playing in an online site, you can do so from the comfort of your very own home, even if your bed if you prefer! If you are a mobile bingo player you have even more options on where to play, the bus or train is becoming more common. You don’t have to walk down to the local bingo club in the pouring rain, and you don’t have to keep any kind of timetable at all really. You can play bingo 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there is nothing that will stop you from doing so!

    Online bingo even has chat and communities now, so you can make friends with other lovers of the game, taking away the one good aspect that land-based bingo had left. In short, there is not a lot that land bingo offers anymore that online bingo can’t replicate or better in some way or another.

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