Our favourite Bingo TV Adverts in 2013

    When a bingo site advertises on television, it should set your bonus-senses a-tingle. Why are Bingo TV adverts are so popular?

    Why bingo sites use TV advertising

    Advertising on TV costs a fortune, and shows that a bingo site is a seriously professional concern. In theory, if the owners of a site have enough cash to advertise, it means they have plenty of spare change, and therefore must be doing something right.

    Also, bingo sites tend to advertise when they have something they want to shout about, be it some kind of promotion, a huge cash jackpot, spectacular bonuses, or new technology. I'm pretty sure you will have seen television adverts for mobile bingo by now – this is obviously the next big thing, and the sites that start advertising early get a head start, by ingraining themselves in the heads of the public before  their competitors.

    Bingo TV Adverts filming

    Well known brands always on TV

    Certain bingo sites are never off the television, and as you would expect, these are some of the most popular, and well-known brands. When a site advertises, it naturally puts itself in the public eye, therefore attracting more players. More players mean busier chat rooms, and larger jackpots, although your chances of winning can be smaller, simply because there are so many hopeful roomies competing for the prize.

    Bingo TV Adverts for new sites

    With so many new  sites popping up and competing for our attention, it's only natural that they should turn to TV and radio to advertise. You can barely watch an ad break nowadays without seeing some form of bingo commercial, or sponsorship. It just goes to show how incredibly popular bingo is getting, and how the market is changing. No longer a domain of blue-rinse Grannies, these adverts target a much younger audience, with the average player age between 25 and 40.

    Some Great British Bingo TV Advert favourites:


    Foxy Bingo Prize Bus advert


    I love Foxy's big-budget adverts, and his Prize Bus clip was one of his best. In the advert,  Foxy's funky bus tours the UK, picking up passengers along the way. Take a closer look at Foxy's passengers – he's craftily picked a pack of young good-looking riders, a-not-so-subliminal way of targeting that lucrative demographic between 25 and 40.

    The advert is certainly very memorable too – Foxy is incredibly distinctive, with his strong northern accent, and flashy purple suit. For ages, I thought Foxy's voice was Paddy McGuinness, but I've been proven wrong – it's  somebody who sounds like him, poor love.

    Not only does the ad feature (albeit rather briefly) Chris Moyles, but it uses Hot Chocolate's I Believe In Miracles as backing music. Using celebrities and famous music in commercials is horrendously expensive, and although this may seem like a frivolous waste of money, ask yourself – if Foxy has enough cash to be splashing on adverts as lavish as this, what kind of jackpots and bonuses must he have for his players? And the answer is plenty – deposit £10, to get £20 free, and win a potential £10,000 every Friday night, with tickets just £1.

    This commercial is raucous, uplifting, and exciting – just like Foxy Bingo. And as a parting shot,  two naked festival-goers  pop up at the end – a saucy yet sly device to make sure the ad embeds itself firmly in your mind. Cheeky!

    Play at Foxy Bingo


    Lucky Pants Bingo


    ARGH! Not the Lucky Pants song. Whether you can't stop singing it, or you switch the TV off every time you hear the opening notes, chances are, you'll be able to sing along to the Lucky Pants jingle.

    It may be a tad naff, it may be repetitive, but it's in your brain now and you'll never be able un-hear it again.

    I used to work in the advertising industry, and I know that there is NOTHING more effective than using music in a commercial to get your message across.

    Indeed, the music is so strong in this advert, that you barely even notice the somewhat basic-animations – it's all about the lyrics baby. Oh, and those 500 free cards plus 20 free spins when you register.

    Play at Lucky Pants Bingo


    Wink Bingo


    I've started to keep a Netto bag full of knickers down the side of my chair, so I can throw them at the telly each time this advert comes on. Joke.

    But, this has to be one of the most memorable bingo TV ads of all time.

    The advert features five incredibly gorgeous and barechested men, a.k.a. the Dream Idols, the U.K.'s hottest male glamour group. Wink have teamed up with the Dream Idols and hit us with a double sucker punch of marketing – not only have the ads got the whole of the UK talking, but the Dream Idol jackpots are smokin' hot too.

    Play at Wink Bingo


    Watch out for those TV Advert Bingo Offers

    So, next time you see an advert for a bingo site on TV, take my advice – check out the deals as soon as possible, because quite often, these competitions have a short shelflife, and you may only have days to participate. I'll let you get back to the TV now,  I wouldn't want to make you miss another ad break...





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