Progressive Jackpots

    Anybody that has ever played a slot machine in an online casino before will be at least somewhat familiar with the progressive jackpots. But did you know that progressive jackpots aren’t merely something that is attributed entirely to online slots. Poker can have a progressive jackpot, and so can online bingo.

    Progressive jackpots in online bingo too?

    Online bingo might not be the first online gambling game that would come to your head when you think of progressive jackpots, but make no mistake they do exist. Furthermore, they are responsible for some of the largest online jackpot wins to date.

    Bingo is big business right now, and with advertising, television and welcome bonuses all making individual sites stand out above their competitors, certain online bingo sites have to come up with a brand new way to convince players that their site is the one that they should be playing at. Progressive jackpot bingo games are just one of the many ways they can go about this, and let’s be fair here. Progressive jackpot bingo games are always going to catch your eye!

    How do bingo progressive jackpots work?

    But you probably already know how progressive jackpot slots work, you are constantly told about it all of the time. How do online bingo progressive jackpot games work though, can anyone play, is it expensive, what can you win, etc. These are all questions lots of bingo players ask, but few are ever given the answers. By taking a very brief, quick look into bingo progressive jackpots, we can hope to understand them a little better.

    Firstly, let’s talk about how the progressive jackpot is made up. The simplest way to describe it would be to say that it is comprised exactly the same way that typical progressive jackpot on a slot machine game is. For those of you who don’t know how that works either, let me explain. A progressive jackpot is made up from portions of all the wagers that players make on a specific game. The more money they stake, the higher the jackpot rises. It does not stop rising until it is won, and once it is finally won, a default value is present and comes in affect. From there, the wagers continue to rise once more, until another monster jackpot is won. This cycle repeats and repeats to form progressive jackpot after progressive jackpot.

    Bingo Progressive Jackpots

    More players = bigger jackpot

    Right, now you know that with progressive jackpot bingo games, the more players that put into the game, the higher the jackpot will be. But there is a problem. A bingo game is often played until somebody wins, so how can the jackpot keep growing if nobody wins. That part is easy to understand. A progressive jackpot bingo game will continue to be played until a certain amount of numbers have been called; if no player has called a full house (bingo) within that amount of numbers, the progressive jackpot disappears until the next game, and either the game is finished, or a secondary consolation jackpot appears in its place with no limit on the number of balls to be called.

    The simplest way to explain a bingo progressive jackpot would be to think of a lottery; let’s say the National Lottery or the Euro Millions. In the event that nobody wins, a rollover is held as I’m sure you all know. If the next week there is no winner again, the jackpot is rolled over once more, and so on and so forth until there is a winner. The lottery is also made up of money from people buying tickets. Online bingo progressive jackpots are exactly like that!

    So for the cost! Naturally, progressive jackpot games can cost considerably more than normal bingo tickets; otherwise the jackpot wouldn’t be so high. Generally, bingo punters can expect to pay upwards of between fifty pence to one pound per ticket for bingo progressive jackpot game. Obviously everybody buys a couple of tickets, and you add it all together, you’ve got a nice big fat jackpot. It isn’t too much a risk to play, considering that you can win so much, and a decent sized jackpot will generally require at least a ten to twenty five pence card anyway.

    How big will the progressive jackpot be?

    Lastly, how much can you win? Well that is the really interesting part isn’t it? Ultimately, there is no limit on how much you can find. You might as well ask, “how long is a piece of string?” A progressive jackpot could be as much as it likes, as long as it is not won; there is no definitive answer. What can be said though, is how much have progressive jackpots been before? Generally, anywhere between ten thousand and five million pounds; it really is all up in the air. Your jackpot of course depends on how many people are playing, how many tickets they’ve bought, when it was last won, and what bingo network you are playing on.

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