So you have just signed up to a bingo site, and whilst it is absolutely certain that for the next few months you’ll be high on bingo entertainment; what do you do when that feeling runs out? Play slots of course!

    Play Slots?

    This isn't to say that bingo gets boring after a while, but a lot of roomies do go through a phase where they want to take a break from their usual favourite bingo games  and try their hand at another type of game, possibly after a long 'winless spell' or even to pass the time until the next game begins? The last thing the bingo site wants when you feel like this, is for you to close down your bingo account, and decide to open up another account with another site offering something different,  maybe offering a wider range of games other than just online bingo.

    Most online bingo sites have covered their bases by incorporating a range of additional games into their online bingo sites that you can play, specifically in those times of need for an alternative or as something else to try your luck at. But what are these games that the bingo sites have to offer, and are any of them going to be of interest to you? Well that ultimately, is entirely down to each players preferences.

    Slots at bingo sites

    You can play slots at the same time as playing bingo

    Most bingo sites offer slots; you probably will have already noticed this. Many of those many sites will also offer at least one or two big progressive jackpot slots too. For those of you bingo lovers not in the know, the big progressive jackpot slots are the ones that have no fixed jackpot and so the pot keeps rising and rising until it is won. As well as progressive jackpot slots, most bingo sites also offer standard jackpot slots (fixed jackpot), as well as a few pub fruit machines (old classic one armed bandits specifically), and multi-pay line slots. Although their selection obviously won’t be as vast as could be found at an online casino site, the online bingo site will have enough side-game slot choices for you to be quiet content to carry on playing at said bingo site, instead of looking elsewhere.

    Casino games

    As well as slots, bingo sites may also carry a few table and card games. Poker is generally avoided possibly because it is something you have to know how to play, but video poker is almost certainly one of those games that is going to be offered. Video poker works in the same way as normal poker in that you need to be holding a good hand, however instead of going one on one with the dealer, you are simply trying to get a good hand, which will ultimately determine what you are paid out, by way of a pay table. There is no opposition player, or a dealer in this game.

    Roulette is also commonly offered as an online bingo side game. Roulette is simple enough to play, as you need only place a bet and wait for the spins, and on the odd occasion you may also find blackjack amongst the side games. Blackjack is fairly self-explanatory; it’s a pretty simple card game, you just need to be the closest to number 21 to win.

    Scratch cards

    Alternatively, many online bingo sites also offer scratch cards, which work in the same way as scratch cards that you can pick up at the newsagents, supermarket or petrol station, except that you need no coin in order to reveal what is behind the windows; a simple click of the mouse (or if you’re a Mac user it’ll be a trackpad!) will do.

    Instant win games

    There may also be a range of instant win games too, or other alternatives offered from your favourite bingo site. But the fact remains that even if you get bored, the average, even most basic, bingo site has plenty of games to keep you entertained until your love of bingo returns; and it will as soon as the next game begins!

    Some of the Best Slots Sites


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