What is an affiliate?

    To understand what a bingo affiliate is, firstly, you need to understand what an affiliate marketer is. It's actually a very simple method of internet marketing, but it can take a little explaining before it becomes apparent.

    What is a bingo affiliate?

    Bingo affiliate simplified

    And we are going to do that with the help of a wisecracking fluffy little animal, who just happens to be a meerkat. If you live in the United Kingdom, you will undoubtedly know the Compare the Meerkat commercials. Annoying they may be, but ComparetheMarket.com is one of the most well-known affiliate brands out there. If you are a savvy shopper, and want to compare the price of car insurance, life insurance, energy, credit cards, and travel insurance, your best bet is to go to a site like Comparethemarket.com, or any of its rivals such as Go Compare, or MoneySupermarket.com.

    Let's create a hypothetical situation to illustrate this example. Well done, you've bought a new car, so you visit Comparethemarket.com to purchase car insurance. You enter your details and your search returns a long list of quotes from insurance providers all over the country.

    You finally settle on the company that offers the best cover for the best price. In this instance, it's Beep Beep car insurance. You then click through to the Beep Beep site, and sign up to their bargain car insurance – job done and dusted.

    However, what you don't know is that behind the scenes,  Comparethemarket.com have profited from your purchase, as Beep Beep will pay Comparethemarket.com a comission, simply for the privilege of referring a customer through to their site. So, ComparetheMarket.com may be a free service to us the consumer, but they make their money by referring thousands of customers through to various insurance sites and taking commission each time.

    Now, if you play online bingo, you will have surely noticed many MANY bingo price comparison sites, a.k.a. bingo affiliate sites. You can't play bingo at these websites – but you can read review and news articles, and compare prices – and with so many online bingo sites offering an incredible amount of deals, prizes and competitions, comparing a site before you sign up is absolutely crucial. It's also essential if you want to find out the credentials of your chosen site – is it safe to play at, and do they have a good track record? A good affiliate site will tell you all this.

    So, you've done your homework by reading reviews and news articles at an affiliate site. As a result, you've  decided to play at say, Bob's Bingo. The affiliate site will usually have a 'VISIT BOB'S BINGO HERE' link (also known as a 'banner', but more about those later)  and all you have to do is click it and you will be redirected to Bob's Bingo, where you will sign up and play as normal even though you have been referred by a bingo affiliate.

    But once again, behind the scenes, the affiliate scheme is in action. The click you made from the affiliate site to Bob's Bingo has been tracked with a unique code, which means Bob at Bob's Bingo can see exactly which affiliate sites have been sending him players. And as a thank you to the affiliate, Bob will pay a certain amount of commision to the affiliate in return. But don't worry about these companies making money at your expense – your bingo game costs exactly the same whether you visit Bob's Bingo via an affiliate site, or play directly at BobsBingo.com.

    Online bingo is one of the fastest growing online gaming sectors, and you too can make money by signing up to be a bingo affiliate. You can generate thousands of pounds, simply from referring new players to a site – bingo affiliates benefit from exceptionally generous commission rates, and there are lots of lucrative schemes and incentives to choose from.

    Can I be a bingo affiliate?

    To become an affiliate, you need to set up a website – this can be remarkably cheap, as there are online templates and courses teaching you how to do just this. Of course, the bingo sites want to help you as much as they can, and to do this, they provide a vast array of marketing tools to help enhance your campaigns you. One of the most important features of your affiliate site will be banners – these are the bright, colourful, and occasionally animated adverts for their specific site. You add these to your own site and when a player clicks on it, and goes through to sign up at that particular bingo site, that link is tracked, and the affiliate receives a percentage of cash from the players' deposits.

    A quick search on Google will reveal dozens of 'How to become a successful affiliate marketer' courses, and it's not just in bingo or insurance. If you can purchase something on the internet, chances are, there's an affiliate scheme to sell it. It's a brilliant way to make cash, as you can work from home, there are no overheads, and you don't need to open a shop. Indeed, making money like this is called 'passive income,' and as online shopping and online price comparison grow in popularity, becoming an bingo affiliate marketer could turn out to be a very lucrative career choice indeed.


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