What is a Jackpot?

    When I first started to play online bingo, I was confused to say the least. There was me thinking there was only one type of prize, but it turns out there are several different varieties of bingo jackpot. So, if you need a refresher, or you're curious to know more, then read on...

    Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot

    The clue is in the name – the word 'guaranteed' means that the prize advertised is the prize available to win. Guaranteed jackpot games are some of the most exciting and sought-after, because roomies know at least one of them will be waltzing off with an enormous prize.

    Foxy of Foxy Bingo is well-known for his guaranteed jackpots – every evening at 9 PM, roomies compete for many thousands of pounds, with the highlight of the schedule being a guaranteed Saturday game of £5000.

    Bingo Jackpot


    Progressive Jackpots

    Progressives can be some of the biggest jackpots, but also some of the most difficult to win. A progressive jackpot starts at a certain amount – say £200. It grows continually until a player wins. However, it can be tricky to cover that card, because you've got to do it within a certain amount of numbers.

    It may sound easy, but the odds are stacked against you – the chance of covering your card within say, 35 calls, is remote. This is why certain progressives reach truly astronomical proportions – occasionally, more than £1 million.


    Sliding Jackpot

    A sliding jackpot is the exact opposite to a Progressive Jackpot, but still just as thrilling. Sliding jackpots are advertised at immense proportions – for instance, every Friday night at Red Bus Bingo, the sliding jackpot starts at £1 million. To trigger this payout, you must call a full house in 40 calls or less. Call a full house in 41 calls, and the jackpots slides down to £500,000. 42 calls will bag you £250,000, and 43 calls will win you £125,000. Can you see how it's a sliding scale?

    However, the minimum prize in this game is guaranteed at £1000, so even if you don't hit big time, roomies are assured of a semi-decent prize at least.


    Coverall Jackpot

    You can only win a coverall jackpot playing 75 ball. These are also known as blackout jackpots, because you've got to cover a certain amount of squares in a certain pattern. A coverall jackpot can be combined with an ever-growing progressive jackpot, which makes a win even more rewarding.


    Linked Jackpot Games

    Some bingo sites are part of a network, and they will often join forces to play for larger cash prizes. A great example is Bingo Linx, which is similar to the National Bingo Game which is played in real bingo halls.

    There are three Linx games per day, with tickets capped at 50p. The biggest game is on the last Sunday of every month with a £10,000 prize pool. Only bingo sites using Virtue Fusion/Playtech software can offer Linx games, although there are plenty of other similar linked games available.



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