What Is a Network?

    Anybody who has ever read a promotional advertisement for an online bingo site will be very familiar with the words, Bingo Network. The words appear on bingo sites, on their promotional ads, in bingo site reviews and in newsletters from the bingo sites. But without a bit of explaining, bingo networks might just be passed off as nothing at all of importance to a player.

    What is a bingo network then?

    As you are probably more than likely aware of, bingo sites seldom ever tend to be run alone. In fact, most bingo sites are run under a company, and that particular company (let’s call it company X) doesn’t just run that particular bingo site. In fact, Company X will probably run two, three, four, perhaps five, or as many as ten, fifteen or even twenty five online bingo sites. These sites of course all look completely different, at least when it comes to the theme of the individual sites; for “sister sites” almost always have different themes per site.

    What is a bingo network?

    Same games, same promotions

    These many bingo sites run by Company X however will all have remarkably similar promotions, if not the same offers and promos running in every single site. They will also generally speaking, offer the same welcome bonus too – although there does tend to differ more than the other promotions anyway. These sister sites will also always have the same bingo games, and slots games. But why?

    The answer should be staring you straight in the face. The bingo sites all run by Company X have the same offers, promotions and games (possibly even the same web layout) because they are all run on a bingo network (owned by the bingo company).

    A bingo network means that instead of each of the bingo sites run by Company X all having individual jackpots which can be won; they all share the same promotion, and therefore the same jackpot. A this point in the article, you might wonder why then they don’t just have one big bingo site with all the players combined into one site playing for the same bingo jackpot (if they are all playing for the same promo jackpot anyway)?

    Same but different?

    It is all about marketing. Why have one site, when you could open several all very similar, and spread the chances of people joining one of your sites. It works in a similar fashion to chain supermarkets or coffee shops. Why have two coffee shops of the same brand in the same city. Well if you walk into one and not the other, you’re still putting money into the coffers of the same business. The same is true of the bingo sites, and it is all thanks to a bingo network.

    Unfortunately, not many players are aware of this because they haven’t done their homework or felt they need to know. When they see a special promotion advertised on their bingo site that is worth a total jackpot of, let’s say £10,000, they assume that only the players in their bingo site will be playing for this jackpot. They are mistaken. Players in any bingo site on the bingo network run by the company will also be thinking the same thing at their bingo sites. So, the actual promotional game itself isn’t really being run with one hundred players from Bingo Site A, but five hundred players from Bingo Sites A,B,C,D and E.

    Now the bingo sites are not to blame here, they do tell you that your site is a part of a bingo network, and they even tell you which one. They just neglect to tell you what a bingo network is, and how it works. We know a lot of players aren't too sure about bingo networks which is why we’re explaining it now!

    Network bingo sites have bigger jackpots and prizes

    Without bingo networks, there could be no £10,000 bingo game. These jackpots are accumulated by the wagers of all of the people at all of the sites on the bingo network, so if your site was a standalone bingo site, it probably would only have a jackpot promo game of one hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds. Suddenly, bingo networks don’t seem such a bad thing at all do they?

    Standalone bingo sites

    Of course there are many bingo sites out there that don’t run on bingo networks, primarily because they are standalone bingo sites. Many sportsbooks that run bingo sites fit into this category, because they only run one bingo site. However just because they are not part of a bingo network, does not mean that they are not part of a network at all!

    Linking bingo sites

    Bingo networks are there to link bingo sites together, to provide larger winnings, better promotions and to ensure that Company X (remember this isn’t a real company, just one we’ve made up for an example) has a good grasp of the bingo market, and obtains the most players; without which, you’re next ten grand bingo super jackpot game, couldn’t exist!

    Some of the Best Bingo Network Sites

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