Whitelisted Bingo Sites

    The words whitelisted bingo sites probably mean nothing to you right now, but read on, and you'll discover how vitally important these words are to a safe, secure, and happy playing experience. But first, let's conjure up a hypothetical scenario.

    What are Whitelisted bingo sites?

    You sit down at your computer, and search Google for new places to play. After all, there's  nothing better than exploring new bingo sites. It's such an adventure, isn't it? You sign up to a fun-looking  site, deposit £50 and then WOW! You've won £300.

    Then when you try to withdraw your cash, you find you're unable to. You try to contact live support, but they are vague, and unhelpful. After a couple of days, you send an email to the site's management, but the email bounces back – no such address exists.

    Then you Google the name of the site, and associated with its name, you see numerous player complaints, and the word SCAM. This is a surprisingly common scenario – rogue operators set up all over the world, and ruthlessly take the cash of unsuspecting players.

    And that's why some important to be clued up on whitelisted bingo sites.

    UK Bingo sites

    In the United Kingdom, all sites must be registered on the UK Gambling Commission's white list of approved jurisdictions. All UK bingo and casino sites must meet exceptionally stringent licensing requirements to make it onto this illustrious whitelist.

    Only sites licensed in the United Kingdom, or whitelisted jurisdictions can advertise their services in the UK.

    Whitelisted Bingo Sites


    Approved jurisdictions include Cyprus, Gibraltar, Antigua, Alderney, Malta, the Isle of Man, Tasmania, and the United Kingdom. For a nation to be white listed, it must meet the most stringent ethical and financial standards.

    These tight rules are in place to ensure fairness, player security, and honest games.

    The UK Gambling Commission has three licensing objectives – to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure gambling is conducted openly and fairly, and to protect children and vulnerable people from being exploited.

    How do you check the site is legitimate?

    It's surprisingly easy to set up an online bingo or casino site, and unscrupulous operators are aware of this. They can go to any location, and set up shop  - and how on earth would a player know where they're operating from?

    The key is to look at the bottom of the website you're playing at, aka, the 'footer.' The jurisdictional information must be displayed by law, along with links to the relevant gambling charities such as Gamcare, payment methods, and licensing details.

    If you're looking for whitelisted bingo sites, then you're in the right place. We only rate and review the very best, and safest sites. Every site we recommend must pass a stringent set of tests before we'd even consider referring our lovely players.

    Here are a few of our favourites:

    Gala Bingo

    Gala is one of the biggest names in the industry, and we rate it very highly indeed. It's licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Gala has a huge reputation to protect, and any news of poor service, slow payments, or skulduggery would spread quickly.

    Wink Bingo

    Wink is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and this strict jurisdiction puts up with no monkey business whatsoever. New players are welcomed with a £20 freebie, and the competitions and jackpots at Wink are big – very big. Test your luck here, and you could win anything from £1 million to a new car.

    Glossy Bingo

    Glossy is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. With its funky chat magazine layout, multi-million pound slot games, and secure payment processes, Glossy is glam and definitely not a sham .




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