Why a site closes

    Why a bingo site closes? Has it ever happened to you, roomies? You log on to your favourite site, anticipation rising – your best friends will be online, and you may just scoop a huge progressive jackpot. No wonder you've been looking forward to it all day. But then, horror of horrors! You type in your details to be met with the dreaded message: SORRY, THIS SITE HAS NOW CLOSED.

    This happened to me in February 2013 –  one of my favourite sites, called M8ts Bingo, shut up shop, never to be seen again.

    Why a bingo site closes

    One bingo door opens another closes

    And it's actually not such a rare occurrence. That's because there are hundreds of sites opening up, and competition is fierce, both in the race to sign up new players, and to get a brand recognised. With every shiny new site that sets up, you can pretty much guarantee another one has closed, which makes it pretty darn difficult to keep up to date with all current sites.

    However, all these new sites opening up is great news for players, because it weeds out the poorer sites, meaning ever-better places to pass the time and get closer to that whacking big win.

    Why would a bingo site close?

    A site can close for several different reasons, but the main one is profitability. If a site cannot maintain liquidity, and get enough players through the door there is little point in maintaining its operations.

    A site may fail due to poor marketing – only the big players can afford memorable television and radio campaigns. I used to work in advertising, and I know that to keep a site's name in the public eye is a tremendously expensive and difficult affair. Advertising campaigns must be relentless – as soon as you drop your brand from the airwaves, people forget about you as quickly as they forget about a losing ticket.

    A site can die due to bad customer service and support as well – have you ever abandoned a site because they wouldn't answer your emails, or help you with queries?

    Bad word of mouth travels much more quickly than good word of mouth, so if a site is wildly incompetent with poor customer care, word will quickly spread amongst roomies.


    So what can you do with your favourite site closes?

    Firstly, it can be scary, especially if you have deposited funds or winnings, waiting to be withdrawn in your account. Thankfully, if you are playing at a regulated, aka white-listed site, this shouldn't be a problem, as your money will be protected, and they should pay it back to you. However, if you are playing at a rogue site, which is not recommended on our comprehensive list of site reviews, you run the risk of never seeing your hard-earned cash again.


    Find a new bingo site

    Then it's on to try and find a new favourite site. To do this, you may be able to find out what network your old site was on. If you can find another site, running on the same network, and same software, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how similar an experience another site can be.

    Use a bingo price comparison site such as this to try pastures green. With so many hundreds of excellent sites, just begging to be tried, a whole new experience could be waiting for you, just a couple of mouse clicks away.

    The wonderful world of online bingo is a rapidly evolving beast, and to maximise your playing enjoyment, it's a wonderful thing to broaden your horizons, and to find new places to play. So it's not all doom and gloom when a bingo site closes – it just means more opportunities for eager players.

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