Bingo Networks

    Better Bingo Network

    Bingo Entertainment Network

    Daub Alderney Network

    Excess Bingo Network

    Fun Bingo Network (FBN)

    GlobalCom / Dragonfish Network

    Gossip Bingo Network

    Ignite Bingo Network

    Income Access Network

    International Bingo Network (IBN)

    Joy Of Bingo Network

    Mobile Casino Network

    National Bingo Association

    Playtech Bingoland Network

    Pragmatic Play Bingo Network

    Spring Gaming Network

    Super Bingo Network (SBN)

    TGN (The Gaming Network)

    The Lucky Duck Network

    United Bingo Network

    Virtue Fusion Network

    Wheel of Slots Network

    Winners Bingo Network (WBN)

    Yelling Tone LTD Network

    What are bingo networks

    Bingo networks allow the sites running on them to offer high bingo jackpots, higher number of players in the bingo rooms therefore more roomies which equals bigger pots!

    Basically bingo networks are a number of bingo sites that are using the same software, customer service facilities, and licence. You may not even know that you are playing on one of the bingo networks as your site will have a completely different lobby design to the other sites that run on the same network. Sites that are running on a bingo network are ‘white label bingo sites’, they are just sites that usually run on the same software but are branded differently.

    You’ll find the same bingo rooms at all of the sites that run on the bingo networks, but you will only be able to see bingo players that are at the branded site you are playing in the chat rooms.

    The algorithm used to decide the bingo jackpots will calculate that they will be higher due to the high number of networked bingo players at any given time. It’s swings and roundabouts with playing on a site that runs on one of the bingo networks, yes the jackpot will be higher but that means that a larger number of players are trying to win it!

    Bingo networks can offer more promotions and prizes too, again this is due to a larger number of players contributing to their cash pot!

    Which are the biggest bingo networks?

    A few of the biggest bingo networks are Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion and Live Bingo Network. Dragonfish is by far the largest, you would be hard pressed to have not at least one of the bingo sites that runs on the network! Dragonfish is a division of 888 Holdings, the guys behind 888, the company set up is a little confusing as it goes off into so many different areas!

    Bingo Networks


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