50 Ball Burst Bingo Arrives At Mecca Bingo

    50 ball bingo is a popular game at online bingo sites. 50 ball variants are often exclusive games at many sites, William Hill’s offering is Bingo Bowl, Gala Bingo present Coconut Island, and Sun Bingo’s Brit 50 is very popular.

    Mecca Bingo’s 50 ball bingo game is named Burst Bingo and, features colourful animals holding balloons floating towards the sky. A total of ten cute animals hold balloons and each balloon has a number attached, this is your bingo card.

    How to Play

    This simple game is played by first choosing the value of your card these vary between 25p up to £3, only one card per game, per customer. The prizes and jackpots in the game will depend on your chosen card price. The aim of the game is the same as any other bingo game, you need to cover all numbers for a full house. Burst Bingo runs games every two minutes, there are only ten numbers to mark off and no prizes for 1 or 2 lines so the games are fast and lots of fun.

    On each successful call, a balloon held by an animal bursts, once all balloons are burst the player wins the full house.

    50 Ball Burst Bingo Arrives At Mecca Bingo

    Two Jackpots

    Burst Bingo also comes with a couple of progressive jackpots. If a full house is called after 19 number calls the Burst Jackpot is awarded. The other progressive The Burst Big One will be won when a full house is called after 16 number calls. These are both community jackpot’s so the winnings are shared 100% with all participants in the bingo room at the time.

    Burst is another welcome addition to the Mecca Bingo rooms. 50 ball bingo games are popular in terms of the quickfire rounds and the lower ticket prices per game. The animals are quite cute, and the bursting balloons are a great feature, however, Mecca has somewhat kept the game under wraps, maybe the cutesy nature of the game would trigger a red flag with the UKGC, who knows but definitely worth a few games and the addition of the two jackpots is a tick in our box.

    Mecca Bingo

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