80 Year Old Woman Punched In The Head At Carlisle Bingo Club

    An 80 year old woman who was randomly attacked at a Carlisle Bingo hall said she thought she was about to die and vowed she will never play bingo again. The attack happened at Buzz Bingo in Carlisle where the woman regularly enjoyed a game of bingo.

    80 Year Old Woman Punched In The Head At Carlisle Bingo Club

    Unprovoked Attack

    Kenneth Stilgoe was out celebrating an overturned 10 year jail conviction for another attack when he punched a man outside the Buzz Bingo venue before fleeing. He returned 10 minutes later and barged his way through the doors, ran into the bingo hall and jumped over the tables where the woman was playing a bingo game, her back towards him. Prosecutor Jon Close said, “The defendant punched her to the back of the head, forcing her to the table. He grabbed her, pulled her toward him and punched her again.”

    Stilgoe had been released from prison on bail and had gone out celebrating after he successfully appealed against an attack on Christmas day 2016.He was out with relatives when the attack happened.

    In a statement the woman said, “I have never known pain like it, I thought I was going to die.

     “I will never heal from this. I just want my normal life back. One thing I know for certain is that I will never play again.”

    “Overwhelmingly Remorseful”

     Stilgoe admitted two actual bodily harm counts on both the woman and a man, he was said to be “overwhelmingly remorseful” after the attacks and blamed alcohol for the outburst.

    Regarding the attack in 2016, the defendant admitted causing grievous bodily harm after playing a small part in the violent attack.

    The judge jailed Stilgoe for 36 months for the both attack offences and called the bingo hall crimes “incomprehensible” and “These were two acts of appalling violence.”

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