Adamsdown’s bingo hall may never reopen

    A bingo hall in Adamsdown may never re-open. A massive fire gutted the old bingo hall in the Welsh city recently, and Councillor Nigel Howells has been hard at work trying to get the council to re-open Agate Street this week. However, the street remains closed to the public following the fire, last month, which absolutely destroyed a former bingo hall in the area.

    Homes evacuated

    Fire crews had to literally demolish the property, which not only used to be a bingo hall, but also the Splott Cinema. Several homes were also evacuated in fear of the fire. Cardiff council remain adamant than the road will remain closed for the foreseeable future, until the owner of the bingo hall decides if further demolition work is needed on his site.

    Disabled resident’s anger

    The property first appeared as the Splott Cinema in 1913, before being transformed into a bingo hall in the 1960s. The property was closed down in 2009. Nobody was inside the 102-year-old property at the time of the fire, though disabled residents are furious that the road is still closed, as many used it to get about more easily.

    Homes on Pearl Street, Agate Street and Diamond Street were all evacuated by the fire. Cardiff council has boarded up the area around the old bingo hall, whilst they await a decision from the property’s owner.

    End of an era

    With several other bingo halls in the nearby vicinity, it is most unlikely that the old bingo hall will be restored to its former glories. Instead, it is highly likely that old Splott Bingo hall has likely called its last numbers, and gone down in a blaze of glory.

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