Buzz Bingo Introduce Tournaments For All It’s Player Courtesy Of Playtech Deal

    UK based software developer Playtech have signed a deal with Buzz Bingo to launch it’s live slot tournament, enabling all Buzz Bingo players to participate and be in with a chance to compete for big prizes.

    Diamond players at Buzz Bingo have had exclusive access to the Tournaments for the past two weeks, but now, the tournament is open to all players who wish to participate. Players who chose to join the live tournament will see their name added to a leaderboard, after each successful win on the applicable slot game, they will be awarded points which enables them to climb the leaderboard.

    Buzz Bingo Introduce Tournaments For All It’s Player Courtesy Of Playtech Deal

    Equal Opportunity To Win

    Points are awarded on the size of the win, rather than the quantity of the bet with no wagering requirements. This means, regardless of the players bet size, they have an equal opportunity to climb the leaderboard. If you do choose to bet with higher stakes, this will not award more points, players can continue to play the tournaments without having to exceed their limits. All spins “up to a certain amount” will earn points.

    Playtech’s James Frendo said, “ Tournaments offer a whole new way to engage players, as well as adding an extra level of enjoyment for players at no extra cost to themselves. The element of competition and the chance to win prizes adds a sense of anticipation for players, making every win more exciting. Also, because points are awarded based on the size of the win in proportion to the bet, players who prefer to stick to lower stakes are not disadvantaged, encouraging them to stay within their limits.”

    Licensees Promote Responsible Gambling

    On top of the fact any player who enjoys playing slots can join the tournament, Playtech have enabled licensees to chose their own ‘maximum qualifying bet amount’ to help in the promotion of responsible gambling, while still seeing player engagement rising.

    Different tournaments will be available to all players each Wednesday from Midday to Midnight, with a dedicated homepage portlet allowing players to chose which tournament suits them.

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