Celebrities Popular With Under 18’s Could Be Banned In Gambling Ads

    Celebrity Advertising in the gambling sector could be banned after the latest proposal of stricter gambling restrictions ahead of Safer Gambling Week this November.

    The latest restrictions would include sports personalities, celebrities and reality TV personalities. CAP, The Committees of Advertising Practice said celebrities popular with the under 18’s would be banned from advertising gambling products but those who are deemed less influential to the under 18’s would still be allowed.

    Younger Celebrities More Influential To Under 18’s

    Does this mean the end of Paddy McGuiness who is currently the frontman sponsor for JackpotJoy, one of the biggest online bingo sites?

    A Recent study carried out by GambleAware found TV adverts who use influencer sponsorship but abide by the UK code of conduct, are more influential to the under 18’s than previously thought.

    Although, last year a ban on all advertising during live sporting events, campaign groups are still lobbying for an all-out ban on all gambling content even though CAP insured there was not enough clear evidence to call a total ban.

    Clean Up Gambling, a campaign group found fans are less likely to but a team kit if it displayed a gambling companies’ logo, and fans are keen on severing ties with gambling sponsorship altogether, despite large operators including Paddy Power and BetVictor still using sports personalities to advertise their product.

    Celebrities Popular With Under 18’s Could Be Banned In Gambling Ads

    Site May Have To Totally Rebrand

    Sites including Mecca Bingo and MrQ regularly use celebrities including Amy Childs and Cara Delahoyde as a selling point, but this could become a thing of the past if new legislation is passed as this type of celebrity appeals to the under 18’s.

    Bingo All Stars who rely on celebrity endorsements from the likes of Christopher Biggins, Linda Lusardi and Rusty Lee would have to undertake a total re-brand in order to become fully compliant with the new legislation. But luckily the current celebrity hosts at Bingo All Stars do not appeal to customers under the age of 40.

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