Grimsby woman gets early Christmas present

    48 year old Ann Jarrett from Grimsby won an early Christmas present whilst playing bingo at Buzz Bingo, her local bingo club.

    Ann was daubing her bingo card for the National game and thought there was something strange as she dabbed the numbers .

    She said: “I didn’t even realise I was winning, all I noticed was that my card was filling up really quickly, more than it usually does.

    “I gestured to my partner to see if it was right, and it was, so I carried on. Then when it was full, I shouted ‘bingo’ and I heard the caller gasp and say ‘no’ in disbelief.

    “I thought that I had got it wrong or I couldn’t have won it but it was because I’d won the top prize, £50,000.”

    Even though the members of the club were congratulating her on her win, it still didn’t sink in until much later.

    She said: “I was just in absolute shock and shaking. I have never won anything like this before and I just did not believe it.

    “I had to take five minutes away from it all to get my head around it, then I came back inside and said to my partner ‘so what is going on?’ and he replied ‘you’ve won £50,000!’

    “It all felt completely unreal, it was only when I went to my bank a few days later and saw it in my account that it actually sunk in.”

    The massive win came just at the right time for Ann and her partner as they were in the process of buying a new house so the money will be towards for the deposit for it.

    Moving House

    She said: “I have already spent the money! It has gone straight into a deposit for a mortgage, which means we can move into our new house a lot quicker than we were expecting to. We were waiting for the money we were going to use on the house to come in, so now when it does, we can spend it on nice things for our new home – and a big fancy holiday, of course!”

    Ann has been playing bingo for the past 25 years, but never thought that she could win as much money as this.

    She added: “It just goes to show that it can happen to anyone, it really is possible!”

    Steve Edward, general manager at Buzz Bingo’s Grimsby club, said: “We couldn’t be happier for Ann and her fantastic win.

    “Ann has been a loyal customer here for years, we’re so pleased she’s won such a big jackpot.”

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