Hammerson and Westfield are saying no to bingo

    The Mecca Bingo hall in Tamworth Road in Croyden could be under threat soon, thanks to redevelopment plans from Westfield and Hammerson. Amongst 141 registered objections to a massive £1.5 billion re-development of the Croydon town centre, is one from Mecca Bingo.

    Mecca Object To Town Redevelopment

    Mecca Bingo have long been in the area, operating one of their national bingo chain halls in Tamworth Road, towards the entrance to Centrale. However, it appears that Mecca Bingo is strongly objecting to the redevelopment of the town centre. It isn’t just one way traffic, though, as Westfield and Hammerson’s plans for the redeveloped Croydon town centre wouldn’t include a Mecca Bingo.

    In all probability, the bingo loving players at Mecca, would have to venture out to find another bingo hall to play at. At present, there are restrictions which prevent the land from being redeveloped, which means bingo continues and Mecca Bingo stands. However, with a £1.5 billion promise to redevelop the land, it is unlikely that the councils are going to hold back the construction work for long.

    High Street Support

    Mecca Bingo won’t be fighting on their own, though. Plenty of major high street brands and shops have also complained (alongside independent traders) about the redevelopment. A public inquiry will be made in February into the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of the land.

    At this moment in time, nobody can really say what the outcome will be, but should the redevelopment go ahead, it won’t just be Mecca Bingo that makes way. Little information has been provided at this time, as to what the redevelopment might entail, or what will become of the spot which currently houses the Mecca Bingo hall on Tamworth Road.




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