Microgaming Release new Bingo/Slot Don Bingote

    Isle of Man software giant Microgaming has teamed up with exclusive content partner Neko Games for the release of a new bingo/slot game Don Bingote. The game features 19 winning patterns and 4 local jackpots. RTP is 95.09%, although the jackpots are not progressive, up for grabs are free balls, bonus games and mystery prizes.

    About Don Bingote

    Inspired by the Spanish novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, the plot centres around the life of a noble gentleman from La Mancha, who reads so many romantic novels he loses his mind.

    Back to Don Bingote, it’s an unusual game combining slot game features with a traditional game of bingo. As I mentioned above the game comes with 19 betting patterns (winning ways) with 4 bingo tickets. After the player places their bet, between 10p up to £40 per game, 30 unique balls appear at the bottom of the screen, the balls are then drawn and lined up at the side of the four tickets.

    Microgaming Release new Bingo/Slot Don Bingote

    Each ball is drawn and if it appears on your ticket you win. Your total win is shown in the centre of the screen.

    Set aside the basic bingo game Don Bingote also has bonus features similar to a slot game. There are free balls similar to free spins along with:

    Double Line – Guess two lines on one ticket correctly, and a payout considered

    Wild Ball – A player chooses a number not drawn yet, increasing their chances of winning

    Armour Bonus – Select a piece of Don’s armour for wins of up to 1,024x

    Windmills Monster Bonus – Fight monsters to win up to 1.065x the bet

    Diamantea’s Castle Bonus – Scale the castle to the top for a 1,646x multiplier

    Bingote Jackpots – The aim of bagging a jackpot is to collect as many golden shields as possible. Multipliers worth up to 5,000x and Epic Wins are up for grabs.


    Don Bingote is a unique concept combining a slot game with a traditional game of bingo. The uniqueness of this concept will appeal to bingo and slot players alike and I’m sure it’ll become a huge hit in the not-so-distant future. To play Don Bingote, head to Casimba online Casino.


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