Much Stricter Rules Implemented On Slot Play Issued by UKGC

    The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has issued stricter guidelines on slot games after a public consultation, including the gambling industry and players.

    The new measures will be ‘less intensive’ and designed to help players take more control while playing online slots.

    Spin Speed Control

    From November 2021, a ban on any feature which speeds up gameplay or spin speed faster than 2.5 seconds. Auto-play will be banned, also sounds or graphics which depict a win or winning when in fact it’s only equal or even a loss. This gives players a false sense of a win, increases the intensity, and encourages binge play. The UKGC believes removing these features will allow players to take more control of wagering and time spent playing a slot session.

    Operators must now display losses and wins and time played on each slot session. Players will now see exactly how long they are playing a particular slot, and the loss and wins allowing players to take more control per session.

    Much Stricter Rules Implemented On Slot Play Issued by UKGC

    Reverse Withdrawal Ban

    Reverse Withdrawal will also be banned. Previously a player who had requested a withdrawal could change their mind and use the withdrawal money to carry on gambling. Although the measures taken are strict, the UKGC feel these measures will give a player more control over their gambling. Whether the new measures have a positive outcome is yet to be seen.

    Online slots by far generate the majority of income for online casino operators. After many studies, it’s been found these slot features ‘encourage’ players to gamble longer sessions, spend more than they can afford, and potentially lose control. Back in 2020, credit card use at online casinos was banned and much more stringent affordability checks carried out by operators.

    Rise In Online Casino Play

    The UKGC are constantly monitoring gambling in the UK and since the pandemic last year, there has been a significant rise in gambling online. Obviously, land-based casinos and betting shops have been closed on and off throughout 2020/2021 which saw a rise in registrations at online casinos and sports betting sites.

    The new rules should be easy enough for operators to implement, the worry is slots hosted by countries outside of the UK may pull their products from the UK gambling market. Although more stringent rules are applied to the UK gambling regulations, so far, they are not as bad as many operators first feared. After the shock decision in April 2019 to reduce the max wager per spin on FOBT’s from £100 down to £2, the thought that the UKGC would implement the same restrictions for online slots which would have a devastating impact on operators.

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