The Advertising Standards Agency Upholds Complaint Against 888 UK Ltd

    After a complaint was made against 888 UK Ltd regarding its brand, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have ruled against the company after misleading free spins bonus information.

    The complaint was made after an advertisement featuring a free spins bonus said, “77 free spins (T&C’s Apply) ENABLED FOR ANOTHER”, a 3-minute timer is seen ticking down, the complainant feared the way the advert was aired, the full terms were unclear, and the free spins did not end when the timer reached zero.

    The Advertising Standards Agency Upholds Complaint Against 888 UK Ltd

    Misleading Claims

    Contrary to the confusion around the free spins advertisement, another couple of claims were made by 777, first, ‘Casinos are trying to shut down a free Android App’, and second, the person in the ad featured text saying, “that’s allowing everyday people, like Simone Moron, to win huge progressive jackpots using nothing but free spins.”

     In response to the complaint 777 assured the published ad was created by an affiliate marketer, who didn’t have permission from the casino.

    The ASA responded to 777’s claim, “As the beneficiaries of the marketing material, they were responsible for the ad, and added that consumers would understand that the countdown timer would relate to a specific time lamination, implying that the promotion would no longer be available after the countdown hit zero even though the timer would reset if the page was refreshed.”

    Additional Misleading Claims

    The claim ‘casinos were trying to shut down a free android app’, could be misconstrued as casinos attempting to actively stop the app from working.

    The latter complaint, referring to a customer winning huge progressive jackpots purely on free spins given by the casino, is also misleading.

    The ASA concluded 777 have not submitted any evidence contrary to the claims. On that point the ASA concluded the ad was in fact misleading.

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