Who do the bookies think killed Lucy Beale?

    Who do the bookies think killed Lucy Beale? We all have an idea who we believe murdered Lucy but you may be surprised to learn the bookies have other ideas due to a surge of betting on an outsider.

    Last night’s Eastenders partially live episode led us to think we are a step closer to working out who did really kill Lucy, but are we really?

    Live episode broadcast Wednesday 18th February

    We discovered during the episode that Lucy was killed at home, Lauren confirmed this by sending a card to Jane shortly before her wedding to Ian. The card stated that she knew what had happened to Lucy and that she was killed in the Beale family home.

    Jane read the card from Lauren before attending her wedding to Ian, during which she was very nervous and shifty.

    Lauren also informed Peter of this, the final scene of the episode was Peter confronting his father Ian and step mother Jane and telling them he knew that Lucy had been murdered at home.

    Jane left the wedding reception to ensure Bobby was taken to Masood’s house.


    The episode last night pointed towards a member of the Beale family being the murderer of Lucy.

    The Beales

    Many avid Eastenders fans believe that Bobby Beale is the killer and that Jane is covering his tracks. It would certainly make some sense with the way Jane was behaving in last night’s episode. It is possible that the jewellery box is involved and could be the murder weapon.

    Current odds for the killer being either Bobby Beale are 9/4, or Jane Beale are 7/2, these are the shortest odds currently making Bobby or Jane the prime suspects.


    Ian Beale has odds of 7/1, Peter Beale odds of 8/1 and Cindy Beale 7/1.

    The Mitchells

    Phil Mitchell initiated a conversation with Ian that 1he wanted to have in private, he said he wanted to tell him something. This conversation was interrupted by Ben Mitchell, Phil then stopped talking as if he didn’t want Ben to know.

    Eastenders Ben Mitchell

    Ben Mitchell has odds of 7/1, and Phil Mitchell 50/1. Jay Brown is part of the Mitchell clan, his odds are 40/1.

    There are even bets being placed on Grant Mitchell being the killer at 14/1.

    The Brannings

    Max and Abi have been well known suspects to all of us throughout the Lucy Beale storyline. On Tuesday’s episode Max told Abi that he knew that she had killed Lucy. Abi then admitted that she had indeed slapped Lucy on the night of her murder but she didn’t kill her, she then said she wished she had.

    The betting on Abi Branning has now calmed down and her odds are 14/1. Max has odds of 40/1 and Lauren has odds of 40/1.

    Mx Branning Jake Woods

    Jake Woods caused a stir a few weeks ago by holding up a board at a Darts event stating that he was Lucy’s killer, following this his odds were very short but punters realised this was a joke and have turned their attention away from Max being the killer.

    The Cokers

    Could the lovely Pam or Les have played a part in Lucy’s demise? Extra business for their undertakers business possibly. Odds are 14/1 and 25/1 respectively.

    Eastenders Pam Coker

    Denise Fox

    Denise Fox had become jealous of the attention her ex Ian Beale had been giving his daughter, could this have been a motive? Her odds are 9/1.

    Eastenders Denise Fox

    Whitney Dean

    Her motive- Lucy had taken Lee Carter from her and had been bullying Whitney. Odds are 20/1.

    Eastenders Whitney Dean

    Lee Carter

    Lee Carter had been seeing Lucy, no obvious motive but he does have some anger and rage issues. Odds 40/1.

    Eastenders Lee carter

    The shock suspect which points to a leak

    Billy Mitchell was a complete outsider with odds last week of 80/1. There has been a sudden rush of betting on the character to have murdered Lucy leading bookies to believe that believe there could have been a leak of the real storyline. Some punters have been booking thousands of pounds on Billy being the killer, could there be anything in this?

    Billy Mitchell has odds of 13/2 today which is a huge shift.

    Eastenders Billy Mitchell

    Lucy Beale killer reveal

    The killer will be revealed in tonight’s live episode on BBC 1 at 7:30 and 9:25. There will be flashbacks back to the night when Lucy lost her life.

    Eastenders Lucy Beale

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