10 Things That Make a British Christmas, British.

    1. When the Mince Pies Appear on the Shelves at the Supermarket


    Mince pies are a staple to everyone’s British Christmas and even if you are not a fan they still seem to find a way into your kitchen cupboard. Otherwise you are just seen as someone who utterly hates Christmas.


    2. The Annual Pantomime


    It seems to be that nearly every British person can remember being dragged to a Pantomime as a child at Christmas time. At any other time of the year no one really cares, but Christmas is all about the time of laughing and Pantomime definitely brings a little cheer to the kids.  


    3. Christmas Crackers at the Dinner Table


    It wouldn’t be Christmas Day without your entire family sitting around a table, pulling crackers with one another and wearing paper hats. Oh and the cracker gifts are always the worst but best bit. 


    4. Getting a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in Your Stocking


    Everyone knows that if you don’t receive a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in your sack you are always slightly disappointed. There is nothing better than pretending that it took you days to finish it when in reality you devoured it in minutes when no one was looking.


    5. A Giant Box of Chocolates and or Sweets


    Christmas would not be complete if a household didn’t have a giant tub of chocolates or sweets. The size might of changed throughout the years but one thing remains the same, no one wants the Bounty’s in a Celebration tin. 


    6. It’s More Than OK to Have Five Pigs and Blankets on Your Plate


    A staple within the Christmas Day dinner, it wouldn’t be the same with these tiny bites of bacon and sausage heaven. Tuck in, it is the most acceptable time of the year to devour 20 of these. 


    7. Boxing Day


    We are lucky enough in Britain to have another day to overindulge in front of the TV or at the shopping sales. Americans are not so lucky. So this Christmas make sure you make the most out of Boxing Day.


    8. The Christmas Day Walk


    It seems like every family escapes to the countryside for a Christmas Day walk in Britain. You can’t walk anywhere without saying Happy Christmas to at least 5 families. Even if the weather is miserable we still seem to make it outdoors.


    9. Celebrities Turning up to the Town’s Christmas Light Switch on


    There always seem to be a really random celebrity or group of celebrities that turn up to a Town’s Christmas light switch on. But what makes it so great, is how much everyone loves that celebrity for one night. All in the spirit of Christmas.


    10. Setting the Christmas Pudding on Fire


    What is better than eating a pudding that is drowned in alcohol? Eating a pudding drowned in alcohol at Christmas!


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