10k Payday Game at Robin Hood Bingo

    Head in to Sherwood Forest to battle it out in the Bingo Knight tournaments at Robin Hood Bingo. There are two different tournaments to compete in –red and blue. Red takes place between 7 PM and 8 PM, Saturday to Thursday. The Blue tournament is much shorter – you only have one hour between 7 PM and 8 PM every Friday, but the prize is £250. Always remember to play responsibly.

    Robin Hood is the man to meet if you love big jackpots, and one of my favourites is Payday Bingo. This has a top prize of £10,000, and plays at the end of the month – pre-buy your tickets now to win up to £2000 guaranteed.

    And who doesn’t love penny bingo? Robin puts on a brilliant spread of penny games with a £1000 jackpot. Want even more free cash? Give Robin a thumbs up to get £2 on his Facebook page.

    New players are welcomed into the forest with four days of free games. In total, Robin puts up £2500 in free jackpots every day.

    And, if you fancy testing your luck to win a million free gold coins (where would you put all that loot?) check out Kachinga. As long as you deposit £40 in your account, you get to drop your coin and potentially win a huge amount of loyalty points, which can be exchanged for free games.

    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW)
    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW) – Get £25 FREE!

    Robin Hood Bingo

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