25P Trick or Treat Game at Posh Bingo

    It’s finally here roomies – the £1000 Trick or Treat game from Posh Bingo. There is no doubt about it, this will be the most glamorous party on the planet, and it plays at 9 PM tonight. This is your chance to win £1000 cash for a tiny 25p. And in a freakish Halloween twist, the one line winner will win the most. Cover one line to win £350, two lines to win £250, and the full house to win £200. Also, Posh have put £200 in for 1 TG and 2 TG players. This means if you finish the game with one or two numbers left, you still stand a chance of winning a fair few quid. If you can’t be around to join the phantom fun, you can prepurchase your 25p cards right now.

    Hot on the heels of the Halloween party is the the £500 Bang-tastic Chat Party. This is a firework celebration, and you could win £200 cash for just 2p. These games play between November 1 and November 5, so if you’re looking for some explosive action, it’s got to be Posh. Sign today for the best deposit bonus around, and to join the festivities.

    Posh Bingo
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