2K Treasure Chest Game at Cocktail Bingo

    Shake it up

    Take a splash of free bingo, and a dash of casino games, mixed together with lashings and lashings of friendly roomies – it could only be Cocktail Bingo. Play free bingo here, and you’ll get a 150% welcome bonus, plus access to £6000 in free games every month.


    £2000 Treasure Quest

    Get polishing your spade and brushing up on your navigation skills – it’s time to follow the treasure map for the £2000 Treasure Quest game on February 5. Qualifying games are playing right now – cards cost 2p, or you can buy them on the day.


    Get Paid to Play

    This is the big game that everybody’s been talking about – it plays on the 28th of every month, and if you are the lucky winner, you’ll get paid to play for one month. This is a spectacular bonus – you’ll get £50 in cash credited to your account on a daily basis – even the most avid player would find it difficult to burn through all that, surely?


    Monthly 2 Million Points Race

    Every month, 40 lucky winners share 2 million bingo loyalty points. To be in with a chance, you’ve got to compete hard, but the rewards are rich indeed.


    Mystic £555 jackpot

    Every 11 days, 90 crystal balls will determine your fate. This is your chance to win a £555 guaranteed jackpot in this most magical and mystical of games.


    Monday happy hour

    Want to liven up your Mondays? The answer is right here at Cocktail Bingo. Join your fellow roomies at the bar between 4 PM and 6 PM, where you can play for two hours of bonuses. There’s even an authentic pub quiz – brush up on your general knowledge, and current affairs, and you could be waltzing off with a big heap of free cash.


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