2p Half Price Sale at Bingo Street

    Ready to meet your friendly new neighbours of Bingo Street? Move in today, and you get a 200% welcome bonus, plus you get to Shake the Signpost. To be fair, the Shake the Signpost isn’t the most generous of welcome bonuses – you can win anywhere up to £5 free. Big wow.

    However, the stinginess of this welcome bonus is more than made up for with the January Sale, where all cards are half price or less in selected rooms. Fill your boots with a £50 Deal of the Day – this is normally 5p, but it’s now 2p. In the weekly £400 Manager’s Special, tickets have been halved and now cost 10p. This game happens every Friday at 9:30 PM.

    One of the more popular games at Bingo vStreet is the Cash Cottage £500 sliding jackpot. Get your eyes down every Friday on the hour from 6 PM until 11 PM. There is a minimum £30 to be won, with ticket prices starting at a very reasonable 5p.

    Side bets are a great new feature – bet from as little as 20p to increase your chances of winning. Will your snail come home in first place? Will the next ball be even or odd? You won’t know unless you sign up today and grab that free bonus.

    Bingo Street

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