32Red Bingo Travels a Dark Path to a Haunted House

    If you fancy travelling a dark path to a haunted house to get into the spirit of Halloween, you can travel this road with 32 Red Bingo, as many UK  bingo sites start warming up their promotions to greet Halloween. I am not really too familiar with this online bingo site, but I know the casino quite well; they are on the same network as Giggle, and Bingo on the Box, and every week a new promotion features with tons of BB’s to give away. As you play and you win in the featured game, you win extra BB’z too.

    We are talking about the Haunted House promotion which runs from the 20th to the 25th October and there is only really one very notable haunted house in the whole of the UK – Borley Rectory. That name just brings shivers to my timbers – I have goosebumps all over my scalp! The Rectory itself was only built in 1862 where another rectory had stood, but the site has been said to be haunted since the 1300’s. So the story goes; a Monk and a Nun fell in love at Borley which was the site of a Benedictine Monastery. They were captured and killed by the elders for their wicked ways, and paranormal activity has been reported from the time that the rectory was built. They have seen ghostly nuns, stones being tossed about and heard all kinds of ghostly noises from moans to footsteps, as well as mysterious writing on walls. People have even been thrown out of bed. Although the house was demolished in 1944, its reputation lives on.

    Oh, yes, I was getting carried away – play at 32 Red Bingo between these dates and bingo on the Haunted House Pattern to earn an extra £4 BBz on a full house; and your nabors win £1 each.

    32Red Bingo

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