£3500 Treasure Quest at Bingo Cove

    £3500 Treasure Quest Game

    How would you like the chance to win £3500 for just 2p? Dive into the warm waters at Bingo Cove, and this dream could be coming true. The game plays on March 10 at 8 PM, with the qualifying games playing every evening, with tickets 2p each. Play free bingo no deposit and dig your way to victory.

    Get Paid to Play

    It’s every player’s dream – you could be getting paid to play for an entire month. Woo ha! Play the Big Game on Feb 28, and if you cover your card first, you will receive the prize of prizes – £50 in cash credited to your account every day for a whole month.

    Peer into the crystal ball

    Let’s face it, us players are a superstitious lot, and that’s why the Mystic £555 game is so appealing. 90 crystal balls will determine your fate – this game has a £300 full house. It plays at random times – every 11 days – ask a chat moderator when the next one kicks off.

    Lucky £777 jackpot

    Four leaf clovers at the ready, roomies – if you’re feeling lucky, then definitely buy a few tickets for the Lucky £777 game. The next one plays on February 27 – be the first player to cover the lucky number 7 pattern, and the clovers and cash will be raining down on you.

    Happy Hour shenanigans

    Forget heading down to your local bar to enjoy happy hour – you’ll enjoy it all the more at the Cove…without picking up a massive tab. Every Monday between 4 PM and 6 PM, there are two hours of double bonuses, plus a celeb gossip quiz and prizes galore. Of course, you can pre-buy for this session, but wouldn’t you rather be there in person to soak up the atmosphere?

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