5p Reality Cheque Game at Big Brother Bingo

    You have seen the contestants when they come out of the Big Brother house – dazed, confused, and totally out of touch with what’s going on. To keep you grounded with reality, check out the £40 Reality Cheque games at Big Brother Bingo. These play 24 hours a day in the Surveillance Room, with tickets 5p.

    Big Brother has been generous this year, he’s treating his inmates to a £2000 Christmas present. It’s a 75 ball game, with a £1000 full house. Also, 1TG players will scoop a share of a £1000 pot. Let the New Year in in style, with the £4000 Party Popper game. You can earn free tickets in lots of ways, and you still have a few weeks to rack them up.

    And what good is going into the Big Brother house without a friend? Spread the word of this excellent as seen on TV bingo site, and you get £15 free once your friend signs up and deposits.

    So, the famous theme music is starting, and Davina is waiting on the steps. The lights are flashing, and the smoke machines are billowing – it’s time to take your place inside the Big Brother house with a £20 freebie once you deposit £10.

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