99p to win Foxy Bingo’s 10k Full House

    Insane 50K jackpot

    Sound the sirens, and ring the bell – Foxy is giving away £50,000 TOMORROW, Thursday, March 27. Tickets cost 99p, and every player wins a prize, guaranteed. And the full house prize will knock your socks off – it’s cashing in at a ridiculous £10,000. The two line prize and one line prize are both £5000, and there is also £5000 in the pot for players who finish with one and two numbers left on their card. But here’s a really good bit – £25,000 will be shared amongst all losing tickets. Play bingo tonight and change your life for 99p

    Daytime Delights

    Forget fiddling around on Facebook during your lunch hour – add some real excitement to the day with Foxy’s Daytime Delights. His jackpots are a delightful £25, with a few £10 pots thrown in for good measure. Ticket prices start at just 1p each.

    Foxy’s Funshine bingo

    The weather is picking up, and Foxy is celebrating the spring with his Funshine games. Play from Sunday to Thursday with daily sessions of £25 every five minutes. And just to make proceedings even more sunny, you must call a full house on the breakfast pattern, including fried eggs, sausage, bacon, and a coffee mug. Tickets for all these games cost 5p, so put on the kettle, and prepare to win big for a tiny ticket price.

    Money Madness

    You are just in time to catch the tail end of Foxy’s Mad March Money Madness. He’s dishing up jackpots every 10 minutes, with £250 games every hour along with £100 games every five minutes. Will you be able run with the foxes?

    Win a new shiny new car

    Become a Foxy VIP, and you could win £1000 in prizes, a holiday of a lifetime, or even a Fiat 500 car. We never know what Foxy is going to give away next – he’s a wily old beast indeed. Sign today for your £20 freebie, and to shake fantastic Mr Foxy by the paw.

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