A guide to playing free online Bingo and Free-for-alls

    Let’s ask the most basic question first. What is a free for all? We’re going to go into that in a little more detail a bit later on, but let’s just start out by saying a free for all is a real to life online bingo tournament, that is free for all to enter, and has real to life cash jackpots that you are entitled to keep. It’s a very basic explanation, but like I said, we’ll come back to it.

    Free bingo in general is rapidly becoming a very popular thing on the internet’s online bingo sites and its little wonder right? It doesn’t really matter whether its free bingo, free tickets, free food, free drinks or free oxygen. People generally grasp and grab at anything and everything that has the word “free” attached to it. But free bingo is even more appealing, because most gamers will see free bingo for exactly what it is, in short, free money; and there isn’t a person on the planet that would turn that down.

    Free bingo can be offered as a reward for players who have recently signed up at online casinos. When a new player joins, they might be offered perhaps three to four, maybe five days of free bingo in a beginner’s room with real cash money jackpots for you to take. After this period has expired, the free bingo may come to an end.

    Then there is also free bingo which is offered for no real money at all. This can often be found at social networking sites, or even at online bingo sites. The key thing to mention here is that even though it is free to play, this isn’t the same as a free-for-all, because you are playing with virtual money, for virtual jackpots. There is no real prize, and so unless you are new to online bingo, it begs the question, why would you bother. If you know how to play bingo, there really isn’t a point is there? Well there can be, if you just like bingo for what it is, a game, and aren’t the gambling type. But considering you’re reading this, that option probably doesn’t tickle your fancy very much.

    So, back to the free-for-alls! You know what they are at this point, the question is, how do they work, where can you find them, and what do they offer?

    Generally, there are two types of free for alls; there are the low jackpot free for alls which are open to every single type of player, whether they are funded or not; and there are the larger jackpot free for alls, which are designed for players with some funds in their account.

    No don’t misunderstand, just because you have to be a funded player to play in the larger free bingo games, doesn’t mean you have to spend a penny at all. It is just a sign of good faith to the customers of an online bingo site, that if they are spending money in the online bingo site regularly, they have a balance in the green and so they are more frequent depositors. Naturally they get to play for more money.

    Those that don’t play very often won’t have a balance with funds on, most likely; or perhaps they simply withdraw at every big win they get. Online bingo sites don’t like this so having no funds means you get a lower free-for-all jackpot. But the fact that you are allowed to play free bingo for real money even without funds speaks for itself.

    This is one of the biggest upcoming trends in online bingo, and there are plenty of ways to go about it. Free-for-all or in beginner’s rooms, the free bingo phenomenon is yours for the taking.

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